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Sunday, December 23, 2012


Not Cella Chocolate Covered Cherries

I just wanted Cella Chocolate Covered Cherries, that's all. I was slightly obsessed after I could not find them at Walmart this week. Besides that, I wanted a black knit scarf for my cold little neck and one I would like does not exist. So, I set off to stop at every store in town. I found a houndstooth scarf that I have been searching for, but could not afford two scarves.
This is another problem. I only buy scarves on sale. Scarves priced $40 were marked to $3 several years ago, so I bought a half dozen. Christmas was covered for both daughters that year. Now, I cannot find hoo. As a matter of fact, I own three blacks scarves and cannot find one! So, buying a scarf at full price is going to hurt. It would hurt if I had the money to buy a new black scarf and could force myself to pay full price, something that will not happen in my parsimonious life.
CVS was on my radar, so I scanned my card and received four coupons. Usually, there is nothing I need. Not so this time. There was a coupon for $1.50 that I used on deodorant that was marked $2.49. The same deodorant is $1.74 at WM. It is a teeny size just like the WM size$1.74 size, but it was only $0.99. The 10  interdental brushes were $3.99; the coupon I used was for $3. I do know that $.99 is an excellent price. I was thrilled to pay $2.16 for my two purchases.

Thursday, I received $3.15 for cans and a table base from a yard table. I now have a table top to go with the table legs from a table with a ruined top. Yay for free tables.
A friend did not know you can scan your own card in CVS and the little machine spits out coupons. The best part is you go to the CVS machine in front of the store instead of going though the line to the register. Did you know that?
Devil dog did not come around Thursday since exbf was here to catch him. I had put the hens up at 3:30 on Friday so they would not have to deal with his chasing them around. Saturday, devil dog was here, frightening them so the would not leave their nests to eat. I wondered why they did not respond to me. Then, I saw devil dog about 30 feet behind me, out of my sight but well withing the hens' sight.
Moving boxes on Thursday, I found where the rat had been gnawing on something. I still have not figured out what he gnawed on. I had moved the boxes elsewhere and came back to see the gnawings later. Nasty!

Sunday, the hens would not leave their nest to eat because the dog is hanging about the yard. Finally, I let them out about 1 pm.

Your turn

Lately, have you found good deals? Have you been able to salvage parts of one item to use with another salvaged item to make a whole new useful item? Got any devil dogs? Do you take advantage of CVS kiosk coupons?

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