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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Treats and Favors

favors/gifts at open house

At an antique shop Christmas Sale with reduced prices and a drawing and refreshments, I encountered these little glasses of treats. They are sitting on a glass display case, so you can see the wares underneath. The glasses, clear wrap, and the ribbons all sparkle under the lights.
She used very cheap plastic wine glasses and champagne flutes, filling them with a Chex mix. Actually, they had made several varieties. Naturally, I took a variety that seemed chocolate heavy. Over the top is a piece of plastic kitchen wrap. They are tied once with three strands--white curling ribbon, gold curling ribbon and brown string. The string helps the ribbons stay in place. All three strands were tied at once.
If I did this for guests, I might use old, cheap , mismatched wine glasses and champagne flutes. Both could be collected throughout the year for a dime each. However, these plastic, disposable ones are not liable to break if a child takes one.

Maybe you need something to round out your celebrations.
Your turn
Have you ever used this method of giving a favor or gift to go? Other ideas?


  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous ! I think I will make some. I will keep the chocolate heavy ones for me ! LOL

  2. Jane,
    You are a woman after my own heart when it comes to chocolate.

    I was thinking about these--if I were giving these away and children were getting them, I would put the treats in a sandwich bag, fold under the colored seal, and put it on the bottom in the glass. Then, I would cover the whole shebang with the plastic wrap. Mine could not be trusted (when they were little) to NOT unwrap them in the car, most likely with good clothes on and the heat on to melt the chocolate!

  3. HI Linda...I have painted mason jar glasses and coffee cps and filled with treats and given them away. One of the absolutely cutest I ever got was a Christmas mug (from the dollar store, I'm sure) with a packet of hot cocoa, a small candy cane and a small packet of miniature marshmallows (labeled snowman poop). The candy cane was a stir stick, making minty chocolate. It was i plastic and tied up with red ribbon.


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