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Monday, December 17, 2012

Crying Is Expensive

Last Friday, I did not hear of the shootings at the elementary school until about 4:30. Tears came. I felt depressed all evening. I was exhausted from Charlie and Tommy being here, my not getting rest during the day, following them around and putting out fires, chickens being chased, chickens being frightened, tracking and catching chickens. The last thing I needed was to cry.

My grandson is in first grade. His mother and his father, my son, are school teachers, junior high and high school, respectively. One daughter is a first grade teacher. The other daughter has a child in elementary school and another in high school. I could not help but imagine losing one of these adults or children and the pain it would cause me. I cried for all the lonely siblings and shattered parents. I did not cry for me, just for the pain I vaguely and acutely knew they were suffering.

Over the weekend, I would just become weepy and try to hold it back. As the tears came, I tried to think of something else. Nothing worked. Besides, not crying stuffs my sinuses, too. My sister said the same thing happens to her.

Why is crying expensive?  My sinuses fill and do not drain; Eustachian tubes cause me problems and make my throat sore. Ears hurt; ears throb. Then, my chest becomes congested. Now, I have a fever.  am taking OTC drugs in order to "fix" me. Chicken noodle soup was on the menu. Hall's Mentholyptus is dessert. I hope the Mucinex works soon. I may hit the horseradish next. This is definitely a night for putting Vick's Vaporub on the soles of my feet to stop the coughing. Yes, I wear socks over my feet. Hopefully, I will clear this up and not need antibiotics.

My usual limited productivity is further curtailed. My joints ache from the elevated temperature. I feel very detached. I have had to drive very carefully because I am distracted. I need to sleep.

But, I have my children and grandchildren. I feel gratitude.

Your turn
Does crying ever cause you to eventually run a fever? Have sinus problems? Earaches? Does holding back tears do the same thing?


  1. The whole thing was very tragic indeed. With a same age grandchild, I can see why you would feel the way you do.

    My son had asthma, and the thing that helped him the most was eucalyptus essential oil. Not sure if it would help with sinuses, but we'd put a few drops on a cup filled with boiling water, and he'd inhale with a towel over his head. Really worked wonders for opening up the airways.

    1. Leigh,
      Sorry I took so long to reply to you. yes, tragedy, indeed.

      I have come to the conclusion that anything aromatic in steam helps. Thanks for that tip.

  2. Years ago when I would cry my sinuses would get so stuffed that my entire face would hurt. I had to teach myself not to cry and it has mostly worked. My face hasn't hurt again because I only let the tears drop, I don't get hysterical. I am more centered and much calmer. I feel positively like a Buddhist nun!

  3. Tana50,
    Well, I have never known a Buddhist nun! I don't get hysterical, I just sob and boo hoo. Or, I quietly let the tears flow. Either way, I will become ill. Right now, I have dilated eyes, so there is extra pain when I see light. Hopefully, tomorrow the pain from sinus stuffines that has merged with dilation pain will all be gone.

    I could never teach myself not to cry. Good for you. I rarely cry but I cried often on Friday night and Saturday.


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