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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shopping Bargains--12-12-12 Was Good For Me

Cokes and bananas

Cokes were $11 for three 12-packs and get one free with $15 purchase.  A 12-pack is usually $4.49. There was a coupon in the store ad. I got Barq's Diet Root Beer for exbf when he comes. He now has a three-month supply.  For 24 cans I usually pay $6.98 for 24 cans. Paying $11.00 for the 4 x12 equals $5.50 for 24 cans. I am set for months.
Bananas were $0.39/lb. They are regularly $0.69/lb. The stems are cut off to fit them on the Styrofoam, so there is even more savings because there is less to weigh and pay for. 
navy beans, tangerines, sausage, Miracle Whip

Camellia navy beans were normally $2.49 for the one-lb bag. They were marked $0.99 for a bag. I bought three bags, three lbs.
With two store coupons that are only on the Internet, I got 1 lb free sausage. Plus,the 5-lb box of tangerines was regularly  $4.98 and $1.98 with the other coupon.
Miracle Whip was marked down to $3.48. That is not the best of deals, but it is $2.50  less than the regular price.


See the yellow sticker--"Hot Price!" These stickers were $4 off stickers. Tomorrow is the last day for them, so they are reduced. There must have been 10 more that I left behind.
Total weight for two hens: 9.70. Unit price: $1.69. Regular price: $16.40. Minus 2x$4 coupons. New price: $8.40. New unit price: $0.87/lb. 

chicken breast, boneless, skinless

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts also had the Hot Price stickers with $4 off stickers. I bought 3 packages. I will just give the total weights again.
Weight: 9.69 lbs. Unit price: $2.69/lb.  Regular price: $26.06. Minus 3x$4 coupons. New price: $14.06. New unit price: $1.45. nice....
This was a very good confluence of deals. I always go on Wednesday so that I can get my senior discount--5%, not much, but I am not missing it. Tonight, it was a whole $2.40. Every little bit helps. Do you have grocery stores that have a Senior Citizens discount?
Most weeks, I only buy milk on Wednesday and get milk a bit cheaper. Tonight, I actually found things I do use.
We must pay sales tax on food.Bummer. 9.5% That figure is not included in the percent saved figure. However, it is in the total.
Paid: $49.88
Savings: $36.89
Percent saved: 45%
I just now took two of the packages of chicken breasts from the oven. The chicken smells wonderful and tastes delicious. In the morning, I will put sweet potatoes in the oven, put on a pot of navy beans,  and make cole slaw. These six chicken breasts will feed Charlie and exbf tomorrow when both come to help me with a few things. The rest will be mine. See, I will have dinner for 5 days. Hmmm, I think I will also fix some Stovetop Stuffing.
And, I just ate part of one breast. Salt, pepper, celery, onions, and bell pepper seasons it just right.
Your turn
What kind of bargains have you found lately?



  1. Good job on the bargain hunting. You got quite a bit for your money spent! And you are right. Every little bit helps so take advantage of those discounts. Enjoy your day!

    1. Thrifty Mom,
      Thanks. I never understand people who don't go for the discounts. I think they think people will think they are poor or needy. Not me.

  2. You got great deals. We pay sales tax on food also and I hate it. We pay a bit over 10%, really adds up in a year. Sigh.

    1. JMD,
      I am glad you think the deals were great. I wish some days I lived in a state that does not tax food. "Sigh" is right. I could do a lot with the tax I pay on food each year.

  3. I was able to take advantage of a great price today. With the holidays here many stores are running great prices on HAM. Today I took advantage of what I consider to be a wonderful price. I paid ....get this....49c a pound! I bought two! I plan on putting one of them in the smoker and will serve it at Christmas.

    I also bought some Diet coke but didn't get quite the deal you got! I tried to buy Cokes just before Thanksgiving but I ended up loosing $9 plus CRV and taxes because I forgot to load them (3 12 pks)into the car! Apparently I left them under the cart!!! Yikes! I hate when something like that happens! I probably should have said when I do something like this! LOL

    Today I also took advantage of a $10 off coupon! The store had a coupon which gave you $10 off of $50 and as you know it is easy to spend $50!

    Here in California we are not taxed on most food items. In my town we pay 8.75% on non-food items. TARGET gives you 5% off on all purchases when you use your RED card. Additionally they have a pharmacy program where you earn an additional 5% off (for one day) after each 5 prescriptions that you fill in their pharmacy. Basically you have a tax free day! I try to take advantage of this discount whenever I can, particularly when I have a large purchase in mind. Money saved is money earned!

  4. Janet,
    That is a fabulous price on ham. I have never bought or cooked a ham even though I eat ham. I need to find a bargain like yours and change my ways.

    Oh, my what a horrible thing to happen. I would have spoken to the store. Maybe someone took them into the store. I would still call at this late date.

    Wow, $10 off coupon is very handy. Yes, oh, yes, it is just too easy to spend $50.

    We have one of the best school systems in the state, so maybe our exorbitant tax is doing some good.

    I see all the good bargains at Target, but I live a good 25 miles away, one wayTax free day sounds great. I would hold off on any purchase if I could until then.

    Thanks for adding lots of information on bargains and deals.

    1. I actually did call the store (Target) when I unloaded the car and realized that the boxes of Coke were not there. I actually called again in the morning. Unfortunately no one was kind enough to have brought them inside. I'm pretty sure that I won't leave items under the cart again!

    2. Janet,
      Rats! I wonder who is enjoying your Cokes.

  5. How do you make your stove top stuffing. I love stuffing.

    1. markdebby,
      This was from a box of Stovetop Stuffing, given to me by a food bank. Yesterday was too hectic for making stuffing. I will post my real stuffing recipe.


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