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Monday, December 10, 2012

Batteries and Tampons: What Do They Have in Common?

Not a lot. However, I posed the question with one thing in mind. No, it is not a joke. I am serious.

Tampon cases hold batteries safely.

Closed securely

I store batteries in tampon cases. Over the years, I managed to collect a few OB Tampon cases, but no longer use tampons. The cute cases are perfect for storing four AAA or two AA batteries, keeping them safe from clanging against change, keys, or anything in a pocket or purse, and ruining the batteries.
toothbrush holder re-imagined
I have had this toothbrush travel/purse cover for years. But, over the years, toothbrushes became crooked instead of straight. The toothbrush protector became obsolete, but I was loathe to put it in a landfill. While I was cleaning out the bathroom cabinets a few years ago, I really hated to throw the toothbrush cover out. One day, I was trying to use AAA batteries and carry some with me. The toothbrush cover came to mind. So, now it joins the tampon cases for battery storage.

Beware the open end.

Be sure to cover the hole for the toothbrush handle. Otherwise, the toothbrush case will not keep the ends of the batteries save. I am going to shove a piece of cardboard down in the case.
Blue case: three AA, four AAA
white case: two AA, four AAA
toothbrush case: two AAA
And, I have immortalized some lint in these pictures, besides finding a new use for these small plastics instead of sending them to the landfill. .
Your turn
Have you discovered another use for OB tampon cases if you have these or your wife does? What else have you found that holds batteries safely? 


  1. Love the Idea Linda

  2. That's a good idea. I don't have any tampon containers but might look for something other than the plastic bag that I keep the camera batteries in.


    1. Barb,
      I am told that it will ruin the batteries if they rattle around. I am not sure what happens.

  3. With all due respect, this article is of no value to me.
    Ditch Doctor

    1. Anonymous,
      Then, go away. Is that a suggestive name you signed with. AH!

  4. they work great for a fishing kit and a fire kit also you can tape 2 togther and make a good small med kit

    1. Do you mean the tubes tampons come in? Good idea.

  5. hi love the idea i use a diva cup for my time of month but get the little containers from friends there great for fishing kits and small med kits ass well as just the right size for fire making kit

    1. dianna,
      I am not sure what you get from friends. These items I used are in limited supply and not something one gives away, just like Tupperware is a keeper. If you are talking about the disposable plastic used to insert a tampon, okay. But, these little items are made specifically to transport/store o.b. brand tampons.

      Your idea about the fishing kits or med kits or fire kits from applicators is a good one. The o.b. brand has no applicator.

    2. Diana,
      Okay, I got it just a little late! Sorry. A fishing kit is a good idea. I don't have a fishing kit.


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