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Friday, December 14, 2012

Thursday Almost Killed Me!

I had two helpers, both capable, but annoying. I needed both of them, but not at once. I thought I could handle it, but I am not that

First helper--9:30 a.m.
Exbf brought all the Cokes into the house--4 12-packs from yesterday and the 24-pack from two days before. I won't need Cokes until the Fourth of July.

He emptied two produce boxes that held little but was produce for the hens. When it rots or gets stinky, they don't get it.

Then, he brought from the  road the trash can and recycling bin, putting in more trash that I set on the porch.

I save my plastic vinegar jugs, so he took two more down to join the several dozen. I made a loop in some string to hook onto a nail up high on the basement column that is a support. When I empty another jug, he threads another plastic jug onto the string and then winds the free end on the nail.

The pink 4x4 foot box that has turnips growing needed an adaptation. The turnips were growing through the chicken wire laying down in the box. He put some boards into the corners of the box and then put poles in the corners. The boards raise the chicken wire, and the poles through the chicken wire to keep it from collapsing. It's still not pretty or a cute garden, but it will work.  I forgot to put a sheet over it. That is how it will be for a long time so the turnips will be warm enough in the daytime to grow. This spot gets few hours of sun in the winter, but it is the sunniest place in the yard.

The chicken's sleeping boxes and nest boxes (now converted to sleeping boxes by Lucy and Ethel0 got a good cleaning and new leaves and pine straw. He gave them fresh water as he always does.

When he comes here, he does all the feeding of the four girls. It did not take them long to learn to like

He helped me move some boxes from the house, a real chore for me.

I had baked six huge chicken breasts Wednesday night, so we had chicken sandwiches for lunch. Thursday, I made Stovetop Stuffing, cooked a pot of Navy beans, and baked 9 sweet potatoes, all that were left in the basket in the kitchen. I just was in no mood to fill the basket again. Okay, it was not my mood holding me back. It was my left knee and my back! Okay, maybe that makes me moody. Or, maybe it is excruciating pain.

He took home a peanut butter jar full of Navy beans, a huge chicken breast, 8 sweet potatoes, and a sour cream container of Stovetop Stuffing. I just forgot to make the cole slaw because of my second helper. He did not leave one sweet potato for me! Oh well.

Second Helper--3 p.m.
Charlie came last week and fixed my electric problem. This week, he came and put in the 10"x10" pane of glass. That huge hole was freezing me. He caulked all the rest of the windows ready to fall out. Except the ladder was only 10' and the job needed a taller one. He fixed all the bottom panes in a double window. I have to figure out where to get a taller ladder so he can do the top of both windows.

Maybe it is not warmer in here, but I don't feel so pitiful. I feel hopeful.

He changed a washer in a faucet.

Per my suggestion, he put a patch of hardware cloth over the hole where the rat was coming in. I could tell he came in there because the rag stuck up in the basement ceiling was hanging down. Now,  the hole is rat proof, I hope! The rag stuffed in there will keep breezes from up here in the house. I am grateful.

The reason Charlie agreed to come here was bribery. I gave him lots of things I was throwing out. He collects these for a thrift store or something. He came for food, too. I gave him canned food, rice, prunes, and assorted items. He does not need this, just helps other people. Okay, he can have it to eat for all I care. He will use the tomato sauce, tomatoes, and spaghetti sauce.

 Exbf and I fed and locked the hens in, all except Ethel. A little dust mop dog frightened my hens by chasing them IN MY YARD! I went back out at 10 p.m. She is nowhere to be seen, but a yellow cat was stalking and sniffing the bush where she was last hiding. I am so afraid for her.

Thelma and Louise were all cuddled up in the top box. Lucy looked cold, all alone without Ethel.
I cannot find Ethel!

The three of us--5 p.m.
At the end of the day, all three of us went to the church dinner.  

Exbf took home enough for two dinners. The church dinner was horrid and very unhealthful for all of us. He may eat some of the food before he goes to bed. He has to eat something and take insulin.

After the dinner
Charlie went with me to do a few things, carrying items I could not pick up. Then, he got a refund for me when I knew there would  be a problem. He and I both went in to get another refund. At another store, he failed...oh well.

We came back and he did the sorting of food. Knocked over stuff. This is one of the times I told him to be careful, that he was a like a bull in a China shop! He ignores me.

We talked and he tried to figure out what was wrong with my laptop. He did not know what it was doing, but at least now he sees what I was trying to describe.

When he left about 10:30, I went outdoors with a flashlight, searching for Ethel. You know the rest of that.

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