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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Damned Dog Scattered My Chickens

Devil Dog
Evil Devil
Okay, Thursday about 4 pm is when the dog frightened my hens. Ethel never came to the pen. She was killed Friday morning.  The other three were in shock.

Friday morning, no one would eat. Their food from Thursday was still in the pen as was Friday morning food. Friday about 4 pm, the dog came back and I heard chickens terrified all over the yard. I rushed out and only the dog remained. I could hear a chicken in the neighbor's yard. Ethel, who had slept alone on Thursday night, was in her nest box.

I drove around the block because I cannot walk that far. There was Thelma in the yard of old Blackie chicken, out front, not in the neighbor's  6' fence. I stopped and called her. She knew it was me and reacted, confused but excited, looking around for me. However, she was not about to be cajoled or caught.

Finally, I asked Lena to come over and help me. She did. While she was on the way, I opened and set up an empty box in the car. I told Lena to just be visible, a human barrier, not to lunge at her. So, Thelma was not about to be caught this time, either. She decided she wanted to get up on the porch into a corner. Fine with me...heh heh heh. I will have her cornered. She just sat on the second step and waited for me to pick her up--no struggle.

At home, I had Lena carry a flashlight for me and look under bushes as we went back to the pen. She got to the backyard and said, "Well, there is a chicken right here. " "Where?" "Right on the porch."

Lena carried Thelma in the box and I went up and picked up Louise who was not happy and flapped me in the face. I suppose she decided to just sit there and sleep there since the pen was closed. I got them all settled and fed them. Still, no one is eating. No one has eaten since Wednesday night.

I am allowing the dog to stay around here until Charlie or Tommy helps me catch it and deliver it to the pound. The dog comes and goes. But, that dog will never come back again once he is caught! People do not like to have to pay $50 to get their dog  back.

When a dog shows up only after about 3:30 pm, I know that kids let it out of the house after school. I doubt I will see the dog again this weekend. The hens are way too skittish to be allowed in the yard. Besides, Thelma probably did not know she could fly over a 6' fence. Hopefully, her little chicken brain will forget. Maybe she did not fly over the tall fence. Maybe she flew over the 2' fence.

So, today, Saturday, the food was still there from Thursday and two feedings on Saturday. I fed them again. They will not be let out until they calm down. I am so lucky I found Louise and Thelma.

I have told you that Louise and Thelma slept  together in one box and Lucy and Ethel slept in the lower box. Thursday night, Lucy slept alone, looking so little and cold. When I went out this morning, Thelma had decided to sleep with Lucy. Louise was all alone. I was happy for Lucy but unhappy for Louise. Since she has been pecking everyone, I suppose she deserves not to have a warm companion.

Am I overly involved in chicken lives?


  1. Once a dog gets the taste of blood it will keep coming back after your chickens. Catch it and turn it in to the pound and let them know what has happened. The fine may be higher than that of a normal stray. If they do get it back and it ends up in your yard again I'd consider a hearty whack with a shovel upside the head might be in order.

  2. Thrifty Mom,
    I am not sure if the dog killed Ethel. It just frightens the hens and causes them to behave in a manner that is dangerous, like Ethel not coming home for the night and consequently being killed because she was not secured, and Thelma flying out of the yard. Neither of them have acted so before.

    All week I am going to let my hens out and bring them in before 3 pm. Until Monday, they will stay in their pen! Then, when Charlie or exbf come the end of the week, one of them will help me catch the devil dog. A whack with a shovel would be too kind!

    A big fine would suit me!

  3. That is a tiny little dog causing all the damage. I'm surprised the chickens didn't fight him off. You need a rooster.

    1. Wendy,
      Yes, it is a little dog and very agressive towards them. My hens have never fought any dog that has come here. However, the other dogs are large dogs. This little one easily gets under the bushes where they go to hide. In the city I cannot have a rooster. But, I could borrow


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