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Friday, August 3, 2012

Triple Sweet: Lamp Makeover

Chopin lamp
Are there any other lamp lovers out there, reading this post? Do you just buy inexpensive lamps because you can afford nothing else? Do you buy cheap lamps because you prefer not to spend more money than you must? Do you buy lamps for their goofy or quirky or elegant style? Does a lamp ever speak to you? Can you see good bones and possibility?

This lamp has been a conversation piece. No, some people don't like it. I do. Friends think it is weird, and I don't care. When I bought it for $1, it was Pepto Bismol pink and the "gold" part was rusty.  A coat of white paint did the trick along with a little "gold" paint. The electrical part was not painted gold, just the part above the white base. 

Since the lamp was $1 and the gold paint and white paint were from other projects, I have only the initial purchase invested in my lovely, quirky lamp. Sweet! The wiring was good, so that saved a bit on the makeover. Plus, there was a good bulb in the bargain. Double Sweet. That almost makes the lamp free! A friend hated the lamp shade that came with his new lamp, so he gave me his new shade. Triple Sweet!

I taped the top part and either sprayed the lamp or painted it with a brush. After 20+ years, I have forgotten. The memory of painstakingly applying the gold paint with a cheap artist's brush remains. There is a "before" picture somewhere, taken before the digital age.  Just think Pepto Bismol and rust and you have the right idea.

Right now, the lamp is not in use. I am packing it for the day I have a place for it. Forced downsizing will not cause me to give up all I love. Someday....  Now, you must understand I have sold many lamps. That is another story for another day. 

This lamp brings to mind The Awakening by Kate Chopin. Can anyone tell me how this lamp reminds me of the novel? I call it my Chopin Lamp. 

Miracle Whip has a site where people tell how much they love MW or how badly they hate it. Share with me how you feel about this lamp, especially if you hate it. I can take it because I have my Big Girl Panties on.

Your turn
Do you just hate this lamp? You cannot hurt my feelings by saying so. I asked a few other questions at the beginning of this post? Where are the lamp lovers amongst my readers?


  1. I like your lamp. If it was mine, I see it in a more modern glossy black paint instead of white. Glossy red could look great in the right room. It all depends on the room. Great price for a lamp.

    I love lamps and my house is filled with antique ceiling, table, and floor lamps. The right lamp and lighting can make or break a room. Do you use the old colored bulbs in some of your lamps?

    You mention forced downsizing in your post. Are you moving soon or just packing up? Did I miss something?

  2. Kathy,
    Thanks. Red or black would not work in my house, but I can see it working for the lamp in the right setting. I bought a lamp that had pink bulbs in it, or bought a box of junk for a $1, my price, and got four pink bulbs. They work for a less than stark white without giving my white walls a brownish color. I hate brown, beige, or anything resembling But, you are right about a colored bulb.

    Go here:

    I had to move items from six rooms inundated by rain to three rooms. Lest you think my home is too big, the mortgage was $192/mth and it was paid for. You can see my other lamps if you search my blog for lamp/s. Tell me if you like those. The shade on the lady lamp was blowing in a strong wind and looks twice as large as it is.Seriously, it is the right size. I am up to my ears in "stuff," most of which I am keeping. Some is thrown out, some given away, some sold.

    I bought all sorts of lamps and bought fancy shade frames, covered the frames, and sold the lamp and shade. People could also bring me a frame and lamp and I would strip the shade frame and redo it from the metal out. So, over the years, because of injuries, I have slowd on this. I sold many, many lamps.

    The brass and milk glass lamp is still in use here.

    If/when I move, I am not capable of packing all this at once. Plus, I cannot walk in here. Well, I can, but it is cluttered.

  3. I like the shape of that lamp but I am not really a lamp person. I have a few but my favorite is a very expensive and functional daylight lamp for crafting, sewing etc. It was far to expensive for me to buy but I won it in a competition. I was so thrilled !

  4. Eileen,
    I think I know the kind you mean. Those are super, especially when won. My lamps only have 60 watt bulbs, so they don't suit crafting needs. I even have an antique floor lamp by my industrial sewing machine in my sewing room. A lamp like you have would be a better solution. But, like you say, those are expensive.

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