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Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Scales Died: Recommendation?

another broken item!

Since I married in 1966, I have used the scales my ex bought in 1965. They are finally failing. Actually, for the last 20 years, they have been failing, needing adjusting back to zero all the time.

Can scales be repaired? For a long time, my less-than-youthful eyesight has struggled to see the small numbers on the scales. But, rather than buy new scales, I just endured the struggle to see what was once so easy to see. While I have not shopped for scales, for years I have wandered by the displays. Now, I wonder if there are scales that do not use batteries, electricity or any electronics. Does anyone else have a good or bad experience with a certain brand of scales? These are Detecto.

Buying used is iffy. But, no used scales have appeared at the thrift stores or yard sales. So, that settles that!

These scales are sort of tippy, with no support toward the edges, so getting on them carefully was always necessary. The adjustment is on the front edge, not on the top. That little broken place was nothing necessary for measuring weight. It broke so long ago that I forgot what was its use.

Right now, I am trying to lose weight to save my life. So, these are a real necessity. I need daily monitoring of my weight to lose. I know me. I know my limitations. Even when I was a perfect weight, I weighed every day...okay, most days. After each of my three babies were born, I weighed daily for three months until I was the perfect pre-pregnancy weight. Any other time I have tried to lose weight, I weighed each day.

Yes, weight-loss specialists say to only weigh once each week. However, I know me.  Even if I did weigh once each week, these horrendous scales would be frustrating.
By the way, I have lost 5 lbs in one week! It is all on my Losing It: Weight Loss with Disability. One of these days, I will add exercise! Right now, I am barely capable of doing what I do which is not even sufficient to care for me and hens.

Speaking of hens, the woman bringing them to me called to say she would bring them tomorrow!

Your turn
Help! What brands of scales have you used that you would not recommend? Which ones would you recommend. I know a doctor's balance scale would be great, but I cannot afford one. I have wanted one of those for years. I need reliability and a low price and mechanical.


  1. I get on my neighbours every 3 months or so... Because mine broke too.

  2. Stephanie,
    Bummer. I don't have a neighbor for that. These come and go. I have to weigh every day! Yesterday, it was easier. Thanks.

  3. We've got an old one from a garage sale, called a "Counselor". It seems to work ok, but I laugh every time I read the name on it.

    1. That is a funny name. I always thought "Detecto" was funny, sort of like it detected fat. I hope I can find a yard sale scale.


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