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Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Just Something to Do"

Finally, after going over several times a day and banging on front and back door, calling into the backyard, and ringing the door bell at least 12 times each trip, I made contact with owners of BlackShe and BlackHe. I parked in front of the house to go up to the door and saw a truck I wanted to photograph.

Oops! The pickup truck belonging to the woman's son was backing out, so I flagged him down? Yes, they were his chickens. No, I did not know they could fly. No, I had not missed them. Hmmm, you think he really cares for them? I don't.

"Why do you have the chickens?" Now, I expected one of several answers:
I am going to fight them.
I am going to sell them.
I am going to breed them and sell chicks.
I just love chickens.

The answer to why do you have the chickens was, "Just something to do." This was accompanied by a weak,  meaningless shrug.

I asked him if he would cut their wings. He said he did not know how. I asked him if I could. He shrugged and said, "I guess so." Cutting a wing would make them vulnerable since they have no secure place to live.

"Are you not afraid a raccoon will get them?" He looked surprised and said he did not think raccoons would come in this far. We are blocks from dense woodsey areas, a half mile from forests.

It was such a fruitless conversation, but one that needed to occur.

The mother works nights and sleeps days, so this must be her day off because she is gone.NOW, I need to catch her today.

"Just Something to Do." The mother told me she throws food out to them everyday. So, it sounds like this is something he is not doing.

Mark's comment, "There goes the neighborhood." is so appropriate when I was talking about BlackShe and BlackHe, but not for the reason it could appear to be. Anyway, I thought it was funny what he said.

My Buff Orphington's are already named, but I cannot get the lady to let me come out or for her to deliver like she said she would when she is coming into town and is going to be two houses down. sigh

Did you ever get an animal/s for 'just something to do?'


  1. I'm glad you laughed at my comment. I never know if I go to far or not.
    Anyway, my son got this bearded dragon for his 10th birthday and we are on him all the time to take care of it. I think he just wanted a "toy" and then got bored. But your neighbor boy should be way past that stage.
    Can't wait to see how this turns out.

    1. Mark,
      No, I get you. Plus, I blushed deeply at what might be seen as a horrendous attitude. You were quick on that one and the comment was hilarious.

      This kid is way too old for this stage. I did not see them this morning, so I am hoping they are gone.However, I was outside for two minutes, giving mine food.

  2. Oh, my lord. I wonder if you could call the SPCA about this? I'd be tempted to build a second coop and keep 'em in there the next time they came over. (I wouldn't. But I'd be tempted.)

    1. I hate to call authorities on them. My hens live in Rubermaid boxes in an expensive dog pen with even more expensive security installed. I don't have an extra $500 to keep them. I have been looking at plastic containers I have outdoors, wondering if I could catch them with a deadfall trap. You have no idea what temptations are running through my mind! One fantasy involves a pump pellet gun. Why don't the raccoons go over there where chickens are not secured?


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