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Friday, August 10, 2012

New Cell Phone: Great Deal Persistence Pays Off

pretty RED phone bit the dust

Have you ever determined that no matter what, you will get what you want at the best price? Do you hold out and suffer to get what you "need?"  I am determined, if nothing else!

My pretty, beloved RED phone bit the dust, literally. I suppose I dropped it one too many times. See the top left corner. That is where a chunk is missing. I opened my flip phone and pieces flew off. It was quite spectacular. The screen went crazy! There were blocks on the screen with all sorts of function menus. The ATT symbol on the cover was upside down and right side up at the same time. Finally, everything went black on the screen and I mourned a little bit.

Then, the phone rang. HA! I can receive calls. Then, I tried calling Charlie back. However, I could not see who called, could not see my address book, no a thing.

I wanted one of the 4G phones that I could use for a hot spot for my computer, and then I could give up my Internet access. However, the figures did not give me a deal that was no more than I pay now. There was no way I coul swing that. Oh well.

I haunted Walmart, day and night, talking to employees and customers near the pre-paid phones. Only Sprint and Boost are truly unlimited. Neither of those services works here. sigh...

At the corporate store I was treated so rudely that I determined to leave ATT for good. The woman's actions are caught on camera at corporate headquarters. Her demeaning words were heard by a head employee. Soooo, I called ATT to complain. AND, I assured them I was heading to Walmart for a prepaid phone. The woman wanted to know what she could do to keep me. I was livid but controlled and told her that nothing could dissuade me.

Finally, I told her my terms and got what I asked for. I was not unreasonable, demanding a 4G phone with texting and such. Oh, how I wanted this to happen. But, I wanted a perfect ending, not disappointment. I wanted a better deal for less! I was truly willing to go the Walmart for a prepaid phone.

I have certain things in a phone I want: flip phone, place to hook a strap, and a Samsung product.  Yes, I want something I cannot tear up. But, I figured that was my problem, and I should protect my phone. Oh, yes. One thing I was not willing to give up was my 9,999 rollover minutes. Yes, 9,999 is what I meant to type.

She suggested the Rugby II.  I will show it to you. I also got such a good deal on my package that I added 200 texts for $5. Of course, I lose the number, block the number of the first person who texts me: I am sitting at the corner of X avenue and Y street, waiting for the light to change. Or, I am bloated today and so depressed. ACK!

Go here and see it in action. There is a little play arrow, just like for a video. You can see the metal loop on the back where I can hook a strap so I will be able to hold onto it. I have injured both hands and sometimes I am a butterfingers. The back screws on so that it is tighter and the back and battery will not fall out if the phone is dropped. A coin will work to loosen the screw. It is built to military specs.

The representative on the phone said all the employees were called to a meeting to introduce new products. The guy came in, talked, went into a rage, and threw his phone like mine against the opposite wall. Then, he picked it up and showed them how it still worked. This phone has military specs. It resists noise, vibrations, dust, humidity. Guys in the field use this. It can be used as a walkie-talkie if the other person has the same phone.

I had seen this phone when I got the RED phone. It turned me off. It felt just like I was holding a piece of a tire, all soft, kind of masculine in design.. I don't have to have a pink phone with crystals on the case.  Right now, I would not care if it felt like a rubber tire. Then I did. The Rugby II is a little larger than the cute RED phone. It is a little heavier. But, the wire loop at the top back makes this easier to keep safe. I think it has a GPS chip, not sure.

Be persistent. Stick to your guns. I had to go two weeks with a crippled, almost useless cell phone. But, in the end I got what I wanted at a price I could afford, less than what I now pay for services.

The reasons I got text capabilities? I can get weather updates in case of a tornado. Text messages use less bandwidth and can get through when a call cannot. For two days after the tornado here, I could neither send or receive a cell call.

The message today: Persist. Don't spend more than you decide to spend. You will get a deal if you search.

Your turn
Have you ever had to run a hard bargain to get your desire? To get a better deal? To get an upgrade in service for less money? To not give in to the pressure to buy something you really want but cannot afford (4G)? Give me some good deal stories. Entertain the still puny-feeling, not-feverish woman. Oh, did you watch the phone video of about 30 seconds? Has anyone else got a Rugby II? Get in touch with me at my email, and I will get you a deal, too!


  1. I love your cell phone! Great job on getting what you wanted :) I ♥ my Samsung (I have the Galaxy S II with Sprint). I use it for text, social media, email, GPS, CNN, weather, games, to-do lists, camera when I'm on the go, mobile banking, Pandora @ work, and so many other fun functions! It's a great asset for my photography business (email & Google Voice).

    Do you have internet service at home? Have you considered Google Voice? My friend got rid of her cell phone and only uses it.

    1. tlc,
      Thanks! I worked for this deal! I wanted a phone that had more functions just so I will not be the old lady that got left behind. I want to keep up with technology, not necessarily use it all. I know that sounds weird.

      I do have internet service. However, considering that if my car broke down away from home, walking even two blocks for help would be impossible, I am even more fond of it than when I first got it for business.And, I just got a contract on it.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. I love the metal loop and the locked battery cover.


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