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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Dream Deferred

Did you ever want something so simple that it was silly how excited you were? Did disappointment day after day make you more anxious to get your simple desire? Did you have to put on a happy face or happy voice and just wait for someone else?

Well, that is where why I am with getting my two Buff Orphingtons. I was supposed to receive them, delivered here to me on Sunday morning. Then, the woman had problems occur, so I was going to get them today, and yesterday, and the day before. It appears that tomorrow is the day and they will be delivered.

Thelma and Louise are going to be furious, again. Pepper seemed lonely at first as Louise rebuffed her attempts to even stand near them for at least a month.  Before Fancy died, all three slept in the same box. Pepper slept on top of the top box and then finally in the nest box, all alone. My heart ached because she had no one to cuddle with at night.

Finally, Thelma allowed Pepper to dust bathe with her. Louise never allowed Pepper that closeness even though she and Thelma wallowed around together. To the end, Pepper would flinch when Louise raised her head while they were eating.

Therefore, I am getting two hens so the newcomer won't be lonely. Besides, I have read that Buff Orphingtons  are docile and easily bullied.  With two they will have a companion without always hanging around the fringes of fun, food, and cuddling.

Louise showed a side of her I never knew. She pecked Thelma when Thelma pecked Pepper. It was almost as if Thelma was being chastised for having been so bold to peck without permission. I had always thought Thelma was the alpha hen. Nope.

When I brought Pepper home and put her in the pen as I let the other two out of the pen, Louise just went nutso. She tried to get through the chain link of the fence, squawking and pecking at the air. This went on for about fifteen minutes. All the while, Pepper was struggling to get out of the pen through the chain link. Louise chased Pepper for about a week. It's a wonder Pepper even stuck around

Do you ever sit around (figuratively) and try to get into your chicken's/animal's mind in order to make them mentally and physically healthy?  I wonder if Louise was upset because Pepper was in her pen. I wonder if the two new hens will run away if they are not put into the pen for a bit.

However, I am still convinced that the two new hens need to be put in the pen so they will at least know where they live before Louise gets mean and chases them away, out of my yard.

Am I over thinking this?

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