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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Magnets Cured My Back Pain!

I went to a dinner at Ryan's, an all-you-can-eat place, if you are not familiar with the chain. I listened through a sales pitch. I am so excited because I thought this was a "snake-oil" type product since about the only thing it did not cure or help was ED and menopause. (Okay, to be honest, it did not claim to cure things like thyroid problems.)

The man had a blanket-type thing that he said was a horse blanket, the type they made for race horses. As I left to get my meal and bring it back to the conference room, I asked him if I could lie on the table on the horse blanket. He said something about something to put in my chair. After I came back with my meal, I asked him twice about the item to sit on. He ignored me because people who were real customers and looked like they really could afford the pads for the bed were talking to him.

In a few minutes he brought a chair pad that covered the chair back and seat. I figured at this point that anything soft would help. After a bit, I asked him if it was supposed to get warm, that the pain was subsiding. He asked the room how long I had been sitting on the chair pad. "Two minutes," was the answer. In about ten minutes, I declared myself free of pain and sat there eating for another five minutes and voluntarily gave up the chair pad.

I showed him how I could walk without hobbling and could turn in a complete circle without limping or wincing. People were very much interested. I knew several of the people there and asked them if I could walk this well last time I saw them. They were all amazed as I. These people have seen me limp for at least four years, and know I was not a plant. The presenter asked me to tell everyone what my physical problems were--last vertebrae sitting on bone (not cushion at all) and doctor cannot figure out why I can even walk, two herniated discs, L5 out out place in spinal column. People were amazed. I did not mention my torn meniscus or torn rotator cuff, since those don't routinely hurt.

Then, I came home and finished emptying the dishwasher without pain. Pain did set in again when I started filling it with dirty dishes. There were lots. I hurt.

I feel like an evangelist who wants to shout the news from the housetops! This is a certain brand that I cannot tell you the name. My back has resumed hurting, but I feel hopeful. I cannot afford the special one-time deal of something like $1199, but I can dream. He said it would be $1599 if I did not fill out the order form there. sigh.... I don't need him to call and try to sell me. I am sold, just cannot afford it.

Exbf listened and wondered if I could get the chair pad and put it on my bed. I was thinking the same thing--just lie on my back on it for 30 minutes and then turn on my side like I always sleep. For $199, my back would not hurt so much. Since I don't have arthritis or poor circulation to contend with or be helped by the bed pad, I think the chair pad might work.

I know this would not cure my back problem and make surgery unnecessary. If I don't have the lower back surgery, I will end up in a wheelchair, unable to walk.

EDIT: As I noted in a comment, the pain does return, but slowly. When I said "cured," it was a temporary cure. But, it gives relief that in immeasurable.

Your turn--"Ethel, help me think."
Has anyone else ever heard of the magnets in the bed-sized pads? Do you believe they work to relieve pain? Do you know anyone who would endorse them or anyone who thinks this is junk-medicine? What are your opinions--good, bad, neutral?


  1. I've never heard of them in bed size pads. I have heard of lots of people being helped by them. The only thing I've read scientifically is that in one orientation they open up blood vessels, in the other they close them. If you got warm, it probably was the magnets opening up your blood vessels, and if that helped your pain, it probably is helping in your case. Besides orientation, number and strength are what matters. You probably can find cheaper magnets that will work, but if the $199 pad works for you and you can afford it, it might be worth it to avoid a lot of trial-and-error.

    (Because of the importance of orientation, I strongly suggest you only use magnets in things designed for medical purposes, unless you are quite proficient in physics.)

    1. John,
      You don't think that all the magnets on my refrigerator, sewn into a quilt will work? Gee, that was my plan since I have no money. I am so broke I cannot even consider buying it, even though I would loooove to have it.

      I had an unexpected side-effect. After I got the dishes started, I sat down. Two toes on the left foot tingled. THEN, I have had a huge pain in the sole of that foot. Too much pain or two much tingling means I can be paralyzed from waist down or suffer nerve damage that will never come back and cripple me.

      If the heat is making the disc or whatever press on the nerves, I decided to take one aspirin. I should NOT take aspirin, but once in awhile, I do.

      I begged for pain meds and now have never even opened the bottle! I cannot go there.

      I still think the pad would help by lying on it in bed and sitting on it during the day. Thanks for the opinion and comment.

  2. I had put my back 'out' and expected to be in pain for five days. It was so bad, I couldn't even sit. Luckily a friend stopped by, and without even touching me, just moved his hands around, the pain not only disappeared but I had energy like never before. He said it was just channelling the way that Jesus healed. Works for me and way cheaper!!!!

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  4. I personally have had great pain relief with magnets, much to my complete surprise. I was seriously injured in an accident and was on heavy pain meds after several surgeries. I also had a pain specialist Dr. that graduated medical school in China and also completed medical school in the US.

    I was interested in alternative treatments because I wanted to be off the pain meds eventually. Usually people are on them for life, but I refused to be one of those people. The doctor was surprised by my request for alternatives since no one had ever requested anything but pain meds and physical therapy before. Mostly just the pain meds.

    He wasn't allowed to offer alternatives, but could discuss alternatives with me once I brought up the subject. I learned so much from this wonderful doctor, now a close friend. He showed me the research on magnets. I had seen magnet ads before, but thought it was quackery. I purchased the magnets from one of the larger Chinese groceries in my area to try. I was very pleased with the results. I am now a believer in their power to heal. I have wrist and ankle ones, and also ones that are sheet type sewn into fabrics. They are very inexpensive at the larger Asian markets.

    I also used them after my recent surgeries and do believe that they helped me heal faster and with less pain meds than usual.

  5. I have a bottle of pain meds that I refuse to use. The magnet effect lasted several days with the pain increasing each day. Will you write me at my email address, so that I can learn more?

  6. I have heard of this before but never used it. How long have you used them before your back pain went away.

  7. It took only 15 minutes before the pain went away. However, as I noted, the pain came back.

  8. Hi Linda! I’ve read your post, and I’m so happy that magnetic therapy worked for you. Well, I relieve my pain by doing inversion therapy. There are some professionals that recognize this method as safe and effective form of therapy for the spine and weight-bearing joints.

    Shaunna Schumacher


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