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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Losing weight on Aug 2, 2012

Weight at start of day: 255
Now, this is a lot of weight. Thankfully, nurses keep starting the scales at less than 200 lbs. I have to tell them to shove it above 250.  I am 5.7"

What I ate
at home:
12 oz whole milk

1 lean hamburger on bun
Salad: 2.5 cups of Romaine, radicchio, carrots, tomato, Italian dressing

Diet Coke Caffeine Free in can

Thursday night dinner at a church:
2 hotdogs and 1 bun and two packet of mustard
unsweetened tea
10 fries dipped in catsup
fruit salad: fruit cocktail, marshmallows, mandarin oranges,vanilla pudding. (nasty and did not finish)

2 free cookies at grocery store ( just won't go down this aisle from now on!)
one cup of milk with Instant Breakfast (used only half of IB recommended)
grapes, apple, banana, Miracle Whip fruit salad

Exbf was here, so I got more exercise and was on my feet more than usual.

Biggest accomplishments:
Today, I had no cheese--yay for me. I drank half the milk I usually do. I eat too much cheese and drink too much milk.

This is not perfect, but I guarantee you I can lose weight eating like this. I sit too much--a killer. Tomorrow, I will walk around the house in the yard at least once!

I cannot figure out to make a separate page for this. When I do, I will move all this weight loss(saving my life) information.

Be sure to read:
 A Tisket, A Tasket: A Double Pie Basket that I posted earlier today.

Your turn
How did you do today? What was the biggest or hardest accomplishment?


  1. I made an appointment for tomorrow to see a weight loss doctor. He's a doc in a box who gives B12 injections and hands out phentermine for a fee. I've gone to him before and lost a lot of weight. I'm getting out of control again and gained it all back. I really need to lose at least 30 pounds. I need to lose more like 100 but I'd be happy with 30 for now.

    Cheese is my weakness too. *sigh*

  2. Free,
    I hope we are both successful. I do need to lose 100. I am just going slow and steady with this, saving my life if it kills Keep me posted with comments.

  3. It seems these days everyone is getting gastric bypass. I'm not fat enough for If I gained 10 pounds I would be....hmmmmm. Then the question of paying for it. I don't have $30,000 laying around.

  4. Free,
    Did you know that people actually gain weight to be eligible for gastric bypass. Foolish!

    GB is dangerous. You are restricted to 1/4 c food at a meal--total food intake. Food choices are restricted. You must take a handfull of pills the rest of your life to maintain health. PLUS, people can gradually stretch their stomachs by overeating and end up fat again!

    If I restricted myself to tiny portions, I would lose weight. But, we know that we are not going to eat 1/4 for a meal. Even 1/4 cup portions would lead to weight loss for me.

    I m probably fat enough but am not even tempted by surgery.

    And, then there is the money part!

  5. I personally know 2 people that have had the surgery. A woman and a man. The woman has kept the weight off and replaced food with alcohol. The man stretched his stomach right back out and looks the same as he did before the surgery.

    Surgery is not a fix. You have to change your lifestyle plain and simple.

    I had a great visit with the doctor today. He gave the vitamin B injection and 2 weeks worth of crack pills. He wants me to have an injection every week for 6 weeks. It's pricey but I'm working my butt off with 3 jobs right now so I can swing it. Last time I did his program (3 years ago) I lost almost 50 pounds. He had my chart still and I lost more than I remembered. It's keeping it off that is the hard part. Once I stop the pills and shots I want to eat crap food again.

    We can do this!

    He gave me a diet plan to follow which restricts my food intake a ton but the pills make food really undesirable so it's totally doable. I can share the menu plan with you if you are interested.

  6. Free,
    Yes, we can do this. I cannot follow a food plan because life happens. Besides, I have to eat in a way that pleases me and is doable with my lean finances.

    I know what I should eat and you probably do too! It is just doing it. That said, I am not doing a fad diet or a diet of my choosing, like all chocolate ice cream. Wouldn't that be nice?

    You can send it to my other blog for weight loss that I just started or to my email. These weight loss posts are going to be deleted soon. I am going to try and copy and paste the comments, but may not be successful.

    We are on our way to better health!

  7. Linda,
    You can lose weight much more easily if you cut out the "diet" soda (there is a great deal of research that indicates the artificial sweeteners actually encourage weight gain and resist taking it off) AND all FLOUR products. I have lost 10lbs in the last month by eliminating white rice and grains completely from my diet. I also keep a diet journal, and count calories (just to give me an indication of how I am doing). So far I've found that the sweet spot for calories is 1200-1400 per day. (more or less and my weight loss slows. I think less and one's body things it's in starvation and must conserve calories.)
    The buns, breads, etc., aren't necessary to your diet. Stick with vegetables (more is better) and meat, cheese, and occasionally dairy. You'll start losing weight, but only expect a pound a week, maybe 2 at the outset.
    My goal is to lose 80-90lbs in 9-10 months. I count all activity as exercise (gardening, house cleaning, moving things) and am parking as far away from my destination as possible, and making myself walk greater distances. I track my exercise, generally. I figure that for every hour of moving around I burn between 250 and 400 calories.
    Anyway, good luck. I'm in the same mind-set as your are.

  8. Meetsy,
    I am NOT on a diet!!!!

    This is a lifestyle change. Yes, I have read the research and had only one yesterday as opposed to 5+. I have to do this my way.

    I am not perfect. I eat whole wheat bread and ate much less yesterday. The bun was a fluke. I will not stay on track and will stray often.

    I know and don't wamt my body to think a famine is imminent. With the hypoglycemia, I cannot go long without eating. LOL...I park as close as my handicap placard allows me. Walking on grass or my wood floors is less painful than concrete or asphalt.

    I never eat white rice and won't swear off white flour, just eat less of it.

    I have already started losing weight--first day. I do expect to lose weight about five days each week! I have to do it my way. My way is going to be slower than for able people.

  9. Linda,
    from my calculations you are consuming about 2000 calories (with what you listed). About 500 of that was in grain products. So, cut out the grains, and you are down to close to 1500 calories. Cut out the sugar (sweets are a killer, one marshmallow is 23 calories) and limit the mayo/miracle whip -- 100 calories per tablespoon, and you are close to 1300-1400. But, you can keep your milk/cheese IF you cut back the oils/grain, and limit the sugar.

  10. Meetsy,
    It was my first day!
    I won't cut out grains!
    I won't cut out sugar!
    I will not cut out dairy!
    I will not cut out chocolate!
    Miracle Whip is 60 calories. The last time I lost 46 lbs, I just did not buy any more MW when it ran out.I may or may not do that this time.

    I was pretty proud of my accomplishment yesterday since I only had a "hotdog bun bobble." The fruit salad was a mistake and I quit eating it. I ate about a quarter of the calories I usually consume.

    Today won't be much better, but a blow-by-blow of my mistakes or perceived mistakes will only frustrate me and keep me from losing weight. I know when I screw up.

    I am pretty savvy on food value and have lost weight before, but I have never lost weight when barely able to move. I have definite plans to overcome that.

    I will balance sodium, oils, wheat/grains to a healthy and low cal advantage to me.

    My weight loss blog is up. Posts can go there.

  11. actually you may feel a LOT better without grains. I know that many people have a lessening of arthritis problems without grain. I do. Major difference in my aches and pains. Some people have less allergy symptoms without grain. I was totally against it, at first, but was coaxed into it by my daughter-in-law. So, I tried 30 days without grain, and....holy cow, what a difference. Now I only have flour/grain once in a while. Hardly at all, though. Not only am I losing weight but I feel so much better.

  12. Linda,
    You assume that I am "able". I have had arthritis since I was 16, and most of my joints are shot, including the cushions in my spine. I have an arthritis that causes the joints to wear down, and lose their cushion. (Osteoarthritis, so it's not bilateral. It has no rhyme or reason.) But, maybe being in pain that comes and goes, and sometimes is overwhelming for all of my adult life makes it so that is "business as usual" for me. Even if it hurts, I stay active. Some days I am much, much slower than other people. Getting out of bed might take several tries...and I creek around until things get warmed up. Just think of the tin man in Wiz of Oz...

  13. Meetsy,
    Please post on weight loss blog! I will not post anymore comments on my weight here on this blog. Look in my blog roll--Losing It: Weight Loss with Disability.

  14. No, Linda. I'll just stop following your posts. You are too sharp and reactive with me. I wish you well.

  15. Okay, I posted here. Now, I will transfer to new blog. However, this is the last time any posts about weight-loss will go on Practical Parsimony in response to Losing it: Weight Loss with Disability. I don't think asking to post to the proper place I have pointed out before was reactive. I don't think you are a follower. I could be wrong.

  16. I am having to copy and paste comments from PRACTICAL PARSIMONY over to this, my weight loss blog. I will not do so anymore. I just won't publish comments to PP if they are on the two weight-loss posts. I am not trying to be a meanie. So, the ones above and below are all things not on here originally.

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