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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pears! Pears! Everywhere!

three in the fruit picker
with the fruit picker, I can reach fruit
17' from the ground
waaay over my head, the size of softballs
second tree, hanging in bunches like bananas 3' from ground

rotting on the ground with fire ants
first wagonful
second wagonful
Do you know what kind of pears these are? The woman said someone told her they were Asian pears. I don't really know pears. 
Remember now the tornado tore up the pear tree within a few blocks of my house? Well, I have found a tree about ten miles from me, too far to visit often and on property of people I must ask for permission to pick. 
I advertised for these and a total stranger offered these. She had her husband set up two ladders for me, not knowing I am in no condition for climbing, and that I had a fruit picker that allows me to reach 17' above the ground.
The husband took loppers and cut the branches that were laden with fruit like bananas in a bunch. He was going to trim them anyway, he said. Both husband and wife helped me carry the bags to the car. Otherwise, I would have not gotten this many.  Actually, I probably only picked one bag of pears. I have to go slowly and be careful when I bend. This man and woman were very fast. So, I called a halt when I realized they were really working hard to help me. Plus, I could barely walk. Or stand.
Now, I have my work cut out for me. I wish I had an apple parer that pares, cores, and slices. Does anyone know the best kind to get? These will be dehydrated, made into pear preserves, and pear sauce (like applesauce).
I hate pears!
But, I love pear preserves. I don't need the sugar. Pear sauce is not so sugary. And, I will see if I can tolerate dried pears. I asked two friends if they would like pears? Half a dozen? So, a dozen pears are gone from the bags. Exbf will take home a dozen or more if he wants them. He will. He likes pears.
Oh, I like store-bought canned pears. I wonder if home-canned pears are as good as store-canned pears. Has anyone eaten home-canned pears? I am the only one in the family who does not love a juicy fresh pears. These are hard as rocks, so I don't know if they are canning stage or not. I certainly will not let a raw piece pass through my lips!
I was bitten by one fire ant.
Now I am hunting free figs and apples!
How about you?
Do you like pears? Pear preserve? Pear sauce? Dehydrated pears? Do you have free pears in your yard?


  1. I've only had one Asian pear. It is more squat in shape than North American pears and had a much milder taste. Almost like water. I didn't like it.

    You can wait for the pears to soften before you can them. They will taste much better. Good luck finding figs and apples!

  2. Sue,
    Thanks for the information on letting them soften. Since I refuse to taste them, I always wonder.The pears will be easier to peel and core. I asked for apples, just had no luck. The larger ones are squat. The smaller ones are squat when they are not round!

    My fig friends should have a tree full by now but, they are not answering calls, so they may be out of town.

    1. I was thinking that if they are Asian pears (and it sounds like they are), and you have a dehydrator drying them should make the flavour more intense, but then again you mentioned that you don't like the pear taste.

    2. Sue,
      I don't know what it is about raw pears--taste and texture combined. Even if I don't like them dehydrated, other people might.

      I dehydrated rutabaga that I detest just to save it instead of composting it.I could dehydrate the pears now and rehydrate later, hoping that somehow I might like them.

  3. Congrats on the haul! I never cared for canned pears either, though the boys couldn't get enough of them. We miss the pear tree!

  4. Wendy,
    Yes, I have this love-hate relationship with pears! Canned--love; raw-hate.

  5. My mom used to can fruit without sugar. It was great, it didn't get all mushy. I don't eat canned fruit with sugar, and prefer crunchy, raw fruit. Actually I prefer tomatoes that are still slightly crunchy and green, too. So does my son. I've never thought about why that is.

  6. Jan,
    I like canned fruit with a bit of sugar, not the syrupy, sweet juice. Crunchy, greenish tomatoes are NOT in the realm of anything I could eat. I suppose your son ate what you did. Greenish bananas are shunned by me and my children. We like them beyond ripe with spots.

    There is something about the texture and taste of raw pears that I cannot handle. Otherwise, I like crunchy apples.

  7. I have had Asian pears. They are quite different than the soft juicy pears that are most common in the US. To me they are more apple like. I don't think that they are cooked very often. Please let us know how they do in the dehydrator. I suspect that it will take a long time because of their high water content.

    My Grandmother canned pears. They were amazing! Hers were quite firm after being canned.

    (I once ate TOO MANY dried pears ....let's just say that that pear texture has a scouring action! LOL!)

  8. Janet,
    Today, I will put them in the dehydrator. I just realized I have had them two weeks, waiting for them to soften. Ooops, some got oversoft. Now, they are chicken food.

    I have never had home-canned pears. We will see.

    Scouring Got the picture. They are quite rough feeling to the tongue, so it is not hard to imagine too many and further on down the line.


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