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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Black Chickens' Encroachment

Egg from BlackShe and egg from Thelma
Encroachment! Pure encroachment! Not only are the black chickens eating my hens' food, drinking their water, but now she is laying eggs in their nest! No, I am not grateful. I heard one crowing the other day, and now there is an egg.
So, it is settled. I have a pair. I just want them gone.! I just hope BlackHe is not fertilizing eggs from Thelma. BlackHe is so tiny and Thelma is so large!
No one ever comes to the door when I go over there to talk with the owners. I cannot catch these birds. They can fly to get away from me. And, they even run very fast.
It is amazing how she figured out where to lay eggs. I wonder if she has laid them in the yard or at her house previous to this. ???
I am not grateful!
Your turn
Do you want to come catch these birds?


  1. Perhaps an unfortunate accident could be arranged, and the stew pot heated up.

  2. Joanne,
    LOL...what a good idea!

  3. There goes the neighborhood!

    1. I realized how awful it

  4. Could not some sort of box/cage trap work?

    Granted I have never seen chickens listed in the index of any of my books on trapping.

    1. Russell,
      I have a havahart trap that I really hate to use on them. When I catch one, I figure the other will just hang out and never go in there. However, I have several large plastic bins that might make a deadfall trap. Then, I could just sit out there all day holding a rope to release it and get them both at once. I figure at least one will escape when I try to get them out.My mind is turning. and turning and turnng. I am thinking about them too much.

  5. I think that since the neighbours keep avoiding you, and they aren't trying to catch the birds to bring them home they are probably hoping someone else (you) will take care of their problem. That smacks of irresponsibility.

    How close can you actually get? Now that you know one is a hen, if you can get close enough to push down on her back (near the tail) she should adopt the mating position and stay still long enough for you to nab her. The rooster on the other hand...I agree with Joanne stew pot :-)

  6. Sue,
    I totally agree with you! I cannot get close at all since I swing things in their direction and throw pinecones, not hoping to hit them, just to chase them out. I want them miserable and afraid to come back. Oh, no! They just do as they wish and run away.

    I don't think they have enough interaction with people to have ever been docile enough to get close. The mother said she just throws out food every morning.

    Where is a raccoon when you need one?


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