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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Love Spice--All You Need is Love

This was on Lena's counter. She says there is more--directions--on the back. Lena loves yard sales. Her realtor mother had a consignment shop.

Today, I lost weight again.  We had some food for dinner that was meant for chickens, today. The ears of corn were the only ones we have ever gotten that were not really good. It was a little dry and tasteless. I only had a three-inch piece so exbf could have some for his lunch tomorrow. The tomatoes were meant for my hens.

The cantaloupe had one little hole, poked most likely after it went to market. I cut that out and the hens loved the seeds. They will eat all the cantaloupe left in the peeling. I cut all the cantaloupe in cubes and sent it home with exbf. I don't eat cantaloupe. It was very fresh, just not salable.

I paid for the chicken, but it was on sale. The broccoli was so expensive that I only bought a little. But, it was so tender.

Keeping expenses low while helping the environment is my goal....always! I did dry one of three loads of clothing because of exhaustion. Panties were hung on the line outdoors for the sunshine benefit. Nightgowns and blouses are drying, hanging in the doorway.

Of course, we did not eat out!

Your turn
What did you do today to keep expenses low and to help the environment? Eat any chicken food?


  1. We eat chicken food almost every day. I take my wagon to the Corn Stand just beyond my back gate and pick up produce that will be thrown into a truck and taken to a feed lot for cattle. Today I got 3 dozen ears of sweet corn, some zucchini, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Most of it went to the chickens, but I pulled some out for dinner. I just ate raw tomatoes and cucumbers, it was too hot to cook. Bob made succotash of the corn and zucchini. We don't buy much meat in the summer.

  2. I regret turning on my oven each time. But, I cook chicken once a week and can eat it for several days. Then, a can of tuna once a week works for a cool meal. "Getting food for the chickens" is a great way to get free food. The hens did get most of the produce today. Exbf got four apples. He is learning how to pick from less-than-perfect produce.Yay for chicken food.

  3. My local supermarket gives away the outer leaves from cauliflower to feed to pet rabbits. I dont have a rabbit but I get a bag anyway as it makes good soup.

  4. Eileen,
    It's amazing that the grocery stores will not allow anyone to take any "food" out the door without paying for it, even the seeds from cantaloupe they cut for sale! I read that the outer leaves from cabbage are good to eat in soup. I got a boxful from the market yesterday but I forgot to as exbf to bring in some good ones for me to cook.

    Do you put the leaves in with other vegetables or just make cauliflower leaf soup?


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