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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Free Batteries

You know I am all about free, right? "If it is free, it's for me." Have you checked out the deals at Office Max? Today, with a sale and a coupon, I scored 40 free batteries. Do you have your MaxPerks card yet? If you are a teacher, get a teacher card, and deals are better. Recycle those ink jet and toner cartridges from computers printers or office copy machines.

40 free AA batteries

Office Max had batteries buy one get the second for a penny. You get the rest of the second pack back on Max Perks card to spend later. Since I had MaxPerks credit already from recycling cartridges, my batteries were free--all 40 of them. With an expiration date of 2018, they should be good until then if I can keep them cool enough.

No coupon? You can still buy 2 packs of any batteries, NOT necessarily these, pay for both and still have the price of one pack to spend later. I did not pay for the extra pack, so one cent was all I paid.

Staples and Office Depot have reward cards and similar programs.

FYI: That is NOT my last name on the coupon. Someone heard me wrong when I spelled!

Your turn
Need batteries? This is your chance to score them cheaply if not free like I did. Have you taken advantage of this battery sale yet? Do you have your Maxperks reward card yet? Who is going to crown me Queen of Free?


  1. ♥ FREE! I just blogged about some free stuff I received via reward pts :)

  2. Reward points anywhere are great! Good for you.


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