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Monday, August 13, 2012

Correction: "That Daddy Doesn't Have Any Pajamas On"

My almost two-year-old had just seen the Burt Reynolds centerfold on the back of the bathroom door in a dress boutique where I took her to use the bathroom. It came out in April, this was May, and she would be two in July. So, just 21 months old and talking very well.

I had never seen the Cosmo centerfold before then!

I answered her, "No, he doesn't"  She never looked up at it again. I had to make sure it was really him, so I looked when she could not see me looking. NOPE, not a stitch on, just a strategically placed hand/arm.

Edit: Mention of Helen Gurley Brown dying and mention of this centerfold is what brought this on.

Hey, I just won 11 Swagbucks for googling that picture, only the second time I have seen it.

Edit: John shared this-->
I thought the link would be easier to follow without having to cut and paste.
Your turn
Have you seen that picture?


  1. No, I have not seen it but I kind of wish I bought Cosmo now!

  2. Pamela,
    Just google "burt reynolds cosmopolitan centerfold." One of those first listings will get you there. You won't be sorry.

  3. Is this the one?

    Just kidding :-)

  4. John,
    I am just going to publish this and hope you don't get me an X rating. Right now, there is something wrong with my computer, but it finally works. So, I will check the site later. If you have been bad, I might just delete the I will look later. Thanks!

  5. I not only have seen it I think I bought that issue!

    He looks sort of hairy compared to the guys you see in ads and movies these days. These days all men look as smooth as a ken doll.


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