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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Coupon Bonanza

One has already been used

To my great surprise, I received papers with coupons inserts. Rather, exbf brought newspapers but had removed all the excerpts for me. They were all from the previous Sunday paper. He has never been against my using coupons, but it seems he is becoming even more interested and helpful. From these eight sets of insets, I got these coupons. There about 20 inserts in all. Some Sunday papers have more than other Sundays.

These have to be used by Aug. 19, 2012, and each is to be used with 2 cartons. So, I will not be able to afford to buy 18 cases of Coke. Tomorrow, I will go and offer these to people in the grocery store as I use one coupon for two cartons.

As I uploaded the picture, I heard on Dr. Oz that the #1 thing to give up to avoid pancreatic cancer was sodas! Now, this is the cancer I fear the most since my father and his mother died of pancreatic cancer. Bummer. My doctor said that with that history, I would develop pancreatic cancer but about 20 years later than my father since I don't have his bad habits. Except he was slim, never overweight. So, at around 85-years-old, I can expect pancreatic cancer. Bummer! I was not aware of this fact and thought I would pass along some information along with my coupon bonanza news.

That news from Dr. Oz sort of throws a wet blanket on something I enjoy. I was already severely curtailing my intake of processed food and nitrates/nitrites. And, yes, I am trying losing weight.

However, I got lots of coupons in groups of 8. All are being used wisely and only if they are something I use or can change to use with the lower cost.

Your turn
Do you ever get an unexpected bonanza of coupons without having to buy more papers? 

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