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Monday, August 20, 2012

Pecans Surprises--NOT a recipe

My snack

Are you aware of how good pecans are for you? I was not. I just love them. But, I have found information that might convince you to eat more of them for your health. I just know I love them, so I eat them for the love of pecans..

For ten of my first 18 years we had abundant pecan trees on ten acres. Pecans were what we ate when we wanted a snack. We children, four of us old enough to crack pecans, sat and cracked pecans and ate them for snacks instead of candy or chips. Mama made fudge and put a pecan half on top of each square. She scored the fudge, placed the pecan, pushed it in a little bit, and cut the scored line when the fudge had set. That was it. We ate them plain and fresh or had fudge. Mama did not make fudge often enough for us.

This article might convince you to eat pecans like I do, plain, unsalted, and as a snack. Read how they can be a healthful choice for snacks. The article suggests eating 20 halves each day. I eat 12.

In an internet conversation, someone said he preferred pecans from the store, all dried out. Southerners avoid those packages. We prefer them fresh and plump, just after shelling. If you have had pecans from the grocery store in the little plastic packages and don't like pecans, I don't blame you! 

I believe I picked up 70 lbs of pecans one fall, even with my bad back. I gave away most of them. The last two years the trees have been barren. So, I have had to purchase pecans at an exorbitant price. The next time there is an abundance, I will freeze or can them for other years when there are no pecans on the trees I frequent.

Right now, I have placed pecans in quart jars, tightly screwing on the canning lids and rings. They keep better than in a plastic bag. I am running out of pecans. Right now, I have enough for two more days. When I had an abundance of pistachios, I substituted those for pecans. When I run out of pecans, I have frozen chopped walnuts. Roasted, unsalted peanuts are my last choice. All are free except for the pecans I purchased this last year.

Shelled pecans at the Farmer's Market are $9.50/lb, I think. If I get free ones, I have difficulty cracking the shells. I am doing  a little recon as I drive about. Pecans are getting full, and there seems to be an abundance! I am so excited!

Your turn
Are you lucky enough to have pecan trees of your own? Do you have access to free pecans? Any kind of nuts? Are plain nuts are part of your life? No, in fudge does not 


  1. That's very interesting PP, I love nuts, and as a vegetarian should eat more, but they are so expensive. I substitute seeds and whole grains. I'd love to eat 20 halves a day, but I'd have to take out a mortgage in order to do it.!

  2. I don't care for pecans, but I do love almonds. On a side note: have you ever googled the health benefits of chia seeds? I add them to my morning greek yogurt, but you can add them to MANY things.

    1. tlc,
      No, I have not, but I will look into the chia seeds. Will I grow a chia pet on my tongue? Just kidding!

  3. Wean,
    I do understand the cost. That is why these are in the freezer, being hoarded. And, I don't eat them like I did when we had our own trees. When I pick them up or free, it is nice to eat lots more than 20 halves each day.

    I thought seeds were expensive, too.

    Free ones I gather myself are going to save me this year. Do you have pecan trees near you?


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