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Friday, April 27, 2012

Things piling up on my head

Not only is house facing condemnation the first of May, but other things are happening. I cannot elaborate too much as this is soooo stressful.

1--ticket for no tag light. I have to pay for the ticket, not just fix the car.
2--I broke a molar eating corn. Part of the tooth and the filling broke, a huge piece.
3--cataracts are just starting.
4--ocular pressure is too high and may mean glaucoma
5--new glasses are expensive and I must have them
6--botched job on car, not putting on new outer tie rods and parts not being replaced before alignment will cost me over $300. No, original two guys say it is not their fault, so I will have to pay again. Ha! went to another place.
7--two brand-spanking, new tires were ruined by botched alignment and are bald after three months.
8--new tires--over $200.
9--no one will even help me pack my house up to move.

Add all these recent developments to:
1--torn meniscus that needs operation
2--torn rotator cuff that needs operation
3--last verterbrae sitting on bone, L5 out of place and two herniated discs

I feel unlovable.

Dying would be a relief. I cry lots.


  1. It's a budgie getting old - I know firsthand, too :)

    Yeah, looking at photo's of 20-odd years ago, I guess I'm unlovable, too, at this (st)age.

    Draw comfort from the fact that you're not alone...:)

  2. I am so sorry you have all of this to deal with alone. I wish there was some way I could help.
    You are NOT unlovable!

  3. I'm sorry, Linda. Know that many of us are thinking about you and wish that we could help.

  4. Dani,
    Old does not bother me. Homeless does. The eye diagnosis is only compounded by lack of money.

    LOL...I don't really look older than I did 20 years ago, just fatter. I figure when the weight comes off, then I will age 20 years in a few months since the fat keeps the wrinkles from

    Well, it is not a good feeling, whatever it is. The people who can help lots are people that I have helped many times in the past. I am not a taker, normally. I need to become a bank robber, but I cannot move fast enough.

    It is just a bad feeling knowing that so many people here have promised personal help, like with finding the agencies to help and have all back away. Thanks for the good thoughts.

  5. Your comment at the end of the post: "Dying would be a relief. I cry lots." absolutely broke my heart. If I lived anywhere near you, I would offer a helping hand in any way that I could.


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