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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday

Bunny hiding in the Hosta

First, continuing the bunny theme. Seriously, I do not collect bunnies! I was able to buy this cheaply on my birthday as a present to me. It had not had a file used on the connections. It is made in sections and somehow "glued" together. I love this bunny.

Good Friday
A church in town invited people to a steak dinner on Good Friday. I arrived on time and sat with my friend and another friend that has had a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  The meals were served on disposables that looked like "real" plates. My steak was about 8 inches long and an inch thick, and blood red inside. My friend had a steak that was about 5 inches long, skinny, and thin. Since I could not eat the bloody meat, I Just started in on the 8 inch long potato that was about 4 inches in diameter. My friend had an even larger potato.

I protested that my steak did not need more cooking, saying with a good attitude that I would just put it in a covered iron skillet and put it in the oven for Saturday. HA! In a few moments a really thin, well-cooked steak appeared. I ate that and brought home the other steak and half the baked potato. Guess what I am having today, Saturday.

When the dinner was over and prizes all handed out after a drawing, they told us there was more. In a shopping bag were "Go plates." My friend hogged the one with four brownies and would NOT give me one. The guy with TBI claimed the one with three HUGE baked potatoes, so that was that. The people who were church members and brought the bag said to me,"You can have the rest." Then, both friends looked shocked. Hey, you were adamant that you wanted what you wanted! I am nice, so I offered to trade for a brownie. No deal! They were still miffed!  They got over it.

extra plate

There was: an extra go-plate with steak, green beans (under steak and potato!), baked potato, and roll (removed already). This is after I dropped it while it was still in the white shopping bag.

Here are my leftovers. I had eaten the roll and all the green beans.

Plus, I had a go-box with a dozen yeast rolls, another go-box with a quart of green beans, and the first go-plate above, and we all got a little gift bag with candy, a nice pen, and church material. The candy is eaten or saved for exbf, the pen is in my purse, and church material is in the trash. They then presented us with a Bible. Since I had several editions/translations of the Bible besides two with my name engraved, I tried to give it back. Nope! They insisted they had plenty. So, that will be donated.

All in all, I have brought home enough meat and potatoes for at least three days, five if I tried to stretch it. Okay, I got a week's worth of meat/potatoes/beans/rolls/brownies if I were desperate.
I am not desperate, and I am a
I DID NOT know there would be preaching and an attempt to convert us. Nor did I know the music and singer would be so loud I was hurting. The minister of music had the microphone in his mouth and the amp turned up, blasting his oh-so-sexy singing of church songs...not impressed. The two church members at our table defended the blasting microphone and amp--"It's always like this, even in church."

He repeatedly reminded us to "close your eyes." Nope. Did not.

Most astounding statement of the year (maybe in my lifetime) was voiced by music minister--"Heaven is not filled with good people. Heaven is filled with converted people. You don't have to be good to go to Heaven. " OH. MY. GOSH!  That explains

In my church, Good Friday, was a non-holiday.

Life's short, so I ate dessert first! No pictures of dessert! It was a square of something that had a base of Cool Whip. Yummy!

Your turn
How did your Good Friday go? Mine was very non-religious despite the church atmosphere.


  1. Cute bunny:) my good Friday was spent in the usual way but my daughter came down for Easter and her belated birthday so it was a good day.

  2. I'm not religious, so good Friday was any other Friday for us. Went to work (although I did get off early), went to the city antique fair, and after the hubby got off work went grocery shopping at 10pm LOL.

  3. P.S. Sounds like a yummy meal :)

  4. TLC,
    I was a little shocked that this was a religious affair, especially one with pressure to reform our I am not religious at all! Your day sounded like a very pleasant day. And, the meal was good. I am heating the extra meal from the go-box right now...very late dinner.


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