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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Here Comes Peter Cottontail and Suzy Homefaker

Pink Dogwood

In the front yard

This stinking little tree is no larger than it as when I planted it twelve years ago. Yes, I am standing there, looking down at it. I thought I had a different view so you could see how minuscule the tree really is. It has never had over four blossoms. I may have a generous memory! There are two gorgeous blossoms this year. The twin to this tree is over twenty-feet tall. This tree is under an oak. The other pink dogwood tree is in full sun with no competition for soil nutrients.

Suzy Homefaker
I love this new blog I found. She has so many bunnies, much prettier and more expensive than mine. Suzy Homefaker is hilarious. She is such a vamp. However, since this vamp role is tongue-in-cheek, and she does not take it seriously, it is fun, not painful and embarrassing. Take a look at Suzy Homefaker and her bunny collection. You will love the way she dresses.

Your turn
Do you have a stubborn pink dogwood? How is your Easter going?


  1. Happy Easter! I am lounging in bed, everybody else is sleeping. We don't get this luxury Monday- Saturday.
    I love SuzieHomefaker. It's a fun site.

  2. Happy Easter to you,
    My hens left me two eggs for when I finally got up. It seemed sort of Easter-like. Don't ask me It's great to have the luxury of lying in bed once in a great while. Yes, I love her site, too. I think others will like it, too.

  3. i love your stinking little dogwood tree!!! i wish we were closer as i would come and dig it up for you and transplant it to a more sunny site. we had a wonderful easter and i hope that you did too!

    your friend,

  4. kymber,
    Thanks. I got over loving it a long time If someone closer had the same sentiments of helpfulness, I would love it replanted. Of course, it is supposed to be an understory tree, so some sort of fertilizer would work for both the oak and the dogwood. The oak is at least 100 years old and trying to die.In a drought, it is the only thing I will water. I am glad you had a wonderful Easter.


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