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Thursday, April 19, 2012

AWOL and Worried Sick

I have not meant to be gone so long from my blog. I have rarely read other blogs and even less rarely commented.

Plus, I cannot post pictures since I am out of space and must pay for more. supposedly, I can delete pictures and post others in the space freed by the deletions. Yeah, right! I could not delete anything.

Next move: Go ahead and bite the bullet and pay $5 to Picasa for Blogger picture space. I sold something, got $5 and gave it to exbf in exchange for using his credit card. Three times I tried and no confirmation of any kind.

Next move: go ahead and bite the other bullet and go to new Blogger. I did. Now, I try paying twice and no picture space. No confirmation of the credit card being used or accepted by blogger/picasa.

Moves getting trickier: Since it was five times I tried to use the credit card, maybe waiting the 24 hours for it to kick in is all I need, thinks me! exbf called and his cc had not been used at all since he last used it. so, it did not go through. that 26 hour waiting period failed to yield an answer I liked.

Once I got to new Blogger, I can see everything is as it was. So, am I supposed to go ahead and get new/old format back by configurating it all again? blogger seems to indicate I should format. If anyone knows, h.e.l.p!

I have taken so many pictures to post. I feel so discouraged.

Plus, the people, officials all, are no longer responding to me about the house. that means I have 10 days left.

And, I have another two scrambles on hand that may also involve attorneys. the stress is unbearable!

AND, the left shift key is wonkier than before. at least, then it never worked. Now, it is not even dependable not to work. So, I leave the text as it is.

Local friends are disappearing. You know--I might need a friend and that might involve someone at least listening. However, one friend that I did not know really cared has appeared as invaluable. but, I cannot involve this person in more talk or help. I don't want to glom on and be like a barnacle.

Now, right now, I am going to try the cc numbers again. exbf knows I carry this information around and trusts me never to use it without permission.  I have never told him a lie or used it without permission. Okay, just once for $6, and I called and left him a voice mail. He laughed and told me not to worry about that amount without asking. He got the $6 the next week, laid beside where he sits, so I would not forget.

If this attempt to add/buy picture space fails or succeeds, I will update the post.

I need bunches of answers for the questions below. Even if you say, "I don't know," I will feel like I hve been heard.   Am I sounding pathetic or not? LOL

Update: success--receipt for picture storage space has been received. I still have Blogger questons below!

Your turn
How is new Blogger working out for anyone who has gone to it?
 Did you have to reformat?
Has anyone tried to pay by cc to get more picture space? Never mind. It's worked out.
Does anyone know of another place for free photo storage?
Is there anyway to get photos from my computer Kodak Easyshare program to blogger without going through Picasa?


  1. I moved to the new blogger - I did do a redesign, but much like it was before. Biggest pain I had was an issue with some of the list boxes, when logged in you used to get the spanner box so you could alter there and then for a while they made it so you had to go into design and then layout... blah blah... a bunch of us complained on the forums and a month later the spanner is back.

    Never had the issue with photos at all - I never knew there was a limit to be honest, but I'm not a big photo blogger to be honest.

    Free photos - Flikr? My son is a big user, although he does pay for a pro account but I'm sure you can get a free one.

    Not sure on your last point as I simply import photos into a directory structure and therefore upload directly from there. I never go near Picasa due to that

  2. I don't use Picassa either, just upload pics to the blog from my computer, or email them from my phone.

    Just click on the little picture at the top of your blog post, import pictures, wait for the box to load, choose photos, search your directory for the pics, open, wait for them to upload.

  3. I have not gone to the new blogger yet. I upload pics from my computer to blogger directly. It's free. I do have a flickr account but it's free since I use it minimally.
    I upload from IPhoto. You should be able to from easy share. I can walk you through it when you are ready.

    I hope things look up for you.

  4. Linda, I'm so sorry that you're still under so much stress, I really hope you can work something out with your house and am sorry that I can't help.

    As with the photos, I upload from my camera to the computer and from there to my blog. I don't know how to do it any other way. I wouldn't want to pay to store photos anywhere. And I have not changed to new blogger. Is it better in any way? Might have a look but pretty sure I wont change. Unless I have to and I hope I won't...I don't like change much.


  5. I'm using the new blogger. Except for the few days it took to learn the new system I love it. It's way better I think.

    You have to pay for photo space? I've never done that.

  6. Like the others, I upload photos directly from my computer to Blogger. I haven't had time to fully check out the new Blogger yet but so far the few changes I've noticed haven't seemed too drastic.

    Good luck with the attorneys, Linda. I can't imagine the stress you're under right now.


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