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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Getting Cozy

looking into each other's eyes

We are cheapskates when it comes to entertainment around here. Exbf was taking a break in the swing. He called me from his cell and told me to come look at the chickens sitting with him. I first looked out the window. I took pictures from the window and then moved outdoors, taking them as I moved, thinking the hens would hear me and come running.

Nope, they completely ignored me. They recognize him as a friend and food-giver. So, when I approached, he and Louise were gazing into each others' eyes. He said she kept turning her head from one side to the other, not making a noise, just looking at his face. She never glanced my way. Thelma is sitting to the right, the blond hen.

There is very deep shade here, cool even when the heat approaches the high 90s. I had to lighten the picture so details could be seen.

Here is the first view I had, looking out the dirty kitchen window. I would have to climb 14 feet up to clean the outside. I clean the inside often. Just above the top corner of the picnic table, you can see the knees of exbf in the pale pants, really just two specs from here. there is a bunch of leaves over his face. The hens' pen is to the left of the picture, barely visible.

He said Pepper jumped up for a minute, walked around, looked and jumped back down, finally pecking around the ground near the end of the swing.

Your turn
Do your hens ever get friendly, seeming to want companionship instead of just food, food, food?

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