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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blue and a Bag...Meandering Post

another 25 cent bag from a yard sale last summer

What do different colors do for your mood? Are you ever particularly soothed or jarred by a color? Could you swear certain colors enhance your ability to cope? Keep you sane? LOL...okay, you don't have to confess.
While blue is not my favorite color to wear or even my favorite color, blue has a very strong appeal to me. I am drawn to blue and white. Mama said the color that looked best on me as an infant was a baby blue. She drove me crazy encouraging me to wear baby blue through my teen and college years.

She was trying to get me out of the "RED" mode. That was a colossal fail. But, blue has an appeal. I never associate it with a sad feeling, regardless of Neil Diamond and all the singers with "blue" songs.

However, I have not rejected blue. I just like it in different places--my home and the yard. Blue skies entrance me and soothe me. I always had pale blue bedroom walls. Oh, yeah, I even wore blue eyeshadow, not the bright blue, just the blue that was so dark it looked gray.

In 1977, I put in blue carpet in the den and hall of this house. It is is a dark blue, sort of like the dark blue handles but not bright, a mixture of several blue shades. It drew compliments. No, it was not shag!  It seemed so cool and still does. I am not the decorator who goes around her house seeing how much warmth she can inject. However, it is warm in punches.

Oh, I have one blue blouse. I get so many compliments about the blouse OR people tell me I am looking good, what did I do to myself--different makeup, face lift....okay, maybe my mother was right!

This bag will probably go to my 11-yr-old granddaughter. She "travels" to her father and cousins, plus spends the night with friends.

Your turn
Do you shop yard sales for reusable bags like I do? How do you feel about the color blue?


  1. The color blue is actually a favorite worldwide believe it or not. It came first in some study. Blue makes people who are depressed sadder. For others it's calming. It can decrease appetite. Navy blue implies authority...lots more..
    It's one of my favorite colors to wear. For decorating, I prefer green.

  2. LindaM,
    I think I heard that somewhere, too. I think it is calming to me, especially the blue sky.

    Decrease appetite? Well, now to paint the whole house blue!

    I do not decorate with green, nor blue actually, except for the blue wall in the bedroom when I was married. I really only have the one blue blouse. I never wear green, never, ever. Green makes my skin look to sallow, and then I need makeup, so no green on me.

    The cool, calming effect of the blue carpet suited me. People either loved it or hated it. The ones who hated it said the house was too cold looking. (maybe they were depressed?)It just seemed serene to me. As you could see by the lamp picture, my house is not cold. blue is not high on my list of colors to decorate with, especially after the blue carpet.

  3. Sage green is my favorite color, my husband loved, loved, loved blue. I find myself using a lot of blue in my art which is rather odd to me, hummmmmmm, I'll have to examine that. Grey (I'm such a weirdo) is my favorite color for clothes. For decorating I am attracted to the gypsie motif

  4. Gray is a great color for clothing. It lends itself as a palette for using color. I wear black and grey in this manner. I can wear blouses of different colors with the grey or black. I just want the courage to go gypsy in

    I do have a floor lamp that has a fringed scarf over the shade. The shade is raggedy, so this was a temporary fix that has been in place for about 20 years.


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