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Friday, April 20, 2012

Mainliner's Dream Come True

Don't look so shocked!
Since the late 70s, I have wanted to get rid of these. Yes, I wanted to sell them in a yard sale. However, I think that would be selling drug paraphernalia. I hated to waste them by throwing them in the trash. If I gave them away, I figured whoever wanted them might use them for evil. So, I kept them.

My sewing room is so large that these were never in the way. They stayed with Christmas decorations in a window seat. There were 100 in the box originally. Now, there are 50. Oh, you want to know why I had them? I gave allergy shots to my children and myself.

Originally, I thought I would use them for shooting glue into bubbles on wallpapering jobs. I am the daughter of a contractor who just listened a lot. But, I knew that syringes were used for putting glue under wallpaper when there was insufficient glue. Mark just told me that people who repaired guitars used syringes that had no point. That's probably what I heard Daddy talking about! Maybe not since Daddy had to pierce heavy vinyl wallpaper and Mark said glue went into small cracks, so there was no need to pierce anything.
About the wallpapering, in the 70s I charged friends who insisted I wallpaper for them and take pay and would not take no for an answer, a small amount and took three times the length of time for the job that a professional would.  I guaranteed the wallpaper pattern would match, and that the wallpaper would not fall off the wall in my lifetime.  I knew how to butt seams and how to lap them, cutting off excess to still have a matched pattern. I was good at what I did. This was not something I wanted to do professionally! Thirty years later, one friend said the wallpaper looked as nice as it did the day I finished. Nothing has gone amiss due to my ineptitude.
Then, for the last 40+ years the syringes sat in the sewing room because I thought and still think they would work for wallpaper. Finally, two weeks ago, I decided enough was enough. They were all repacked into a smaller box and sealed up. I suppose the paper is intact so that they are still sterile since the bottom syringes had never even been removed. The box has never been touched by anyone but me.
A prepper group was talking about purchasing medical supplies. HA! Now, I know I can save them for someone else who might need them instead of tossing them or figuring they could be used for glue in wallpaper. I know for a fact I won't be taking allergy shots again, but I might use them for some other injection for myself or hens. Besides, the box is half the size of a small cardboard shoebox and no trouble at all. No, I am NOT prepping or hoarding. They were just leftover.

Update: "Shooting up" and to "mainline" is injection of drugs/anything directly into the vein.

There must be a finer guage than these that hurt less!

Your turn
Do they still call the crazy people who shoot up, mainliners? Do they still call it shooting up?  Have I lost my cool by not knowing the right terms?  Do you, did you ever give yourself injections of anything that was legal? If it is/was illegal, maybe you should use my email address at the head of the blog for that kind of confession. I am just giddy the cc went through on the first try this time.


  1. I still have syringes from when I worked in the burn unit, always carried them in my scrubs pockets, forget about them and carried them home. They're rather useful too... I've used them to refill my printers inkjet cartridges. Measure liqiud meds....Ive used them to dose my dogs with their medication , flushed my son's eye with sailene when an object flew in....they are great to keep in your first aide kit.

  2. Patty,
    Those are not things I thought about when musing what to do with the syringes. You must have taken the needle out for putting saline in your son's eye? Or, not? My life has been so chaotic feeling that nothing else came to mind when I was looking at them, contemplating what to do.

    Thanks for the ideas.

  3. I shoot up every day! lol It's legal though...for my MS. Can't wait until it comes out in pill form!

    1. Yikes,
      I would want pills, too!So, it is still called shooting up? You put this in a vein?

  4. I don't know if it's still called shooting up or mainlining. I think shooting up maybe is still in vogue. I'd ask my brother but we don't speak since that's his favorite hobby.
    I also shoot up every day...bloodthinner into my belly. the needle is retractable..designed to avoid accidents and ilicit reuse- the needle goes into the sheath after use and the sheath locks up. I have seen syringes in garage sales without meds there's no point in or ding needles.

  5. Oops....meant say, " without meds there is no point in hoarding needles."

  6. I am NOT hoarding needles! My intentions for these is far from meds!

  7. "Shooting up" and "mainlining" is injections of drugs into a vein. I don't think you two are doing this. It is drugs put into "the mainline."

  8. I work at a hospital and we send outdated products, including syringes, to a mission. They get shipped off with Docs Without Borders or some similar program. Perhaps you could hand them over, no questions asked, at a hospital pharmacy?

    I have syringes at home, also. No needles, though. They are great for dog meds and other various applications.

  9. Thanks for the tip. These definitely have needles, very sharp ones. I had forgotten about these when I needed to medicate Fancy. I could have removed the needle! I went out and bought a syringe at Walmart, used it, could not find it, and bought another one.


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