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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Cows Frolic

Okay, so the "c" will not make itself into a capital "C." How could that be? I want to start a sentence with cows. Never mind. Here is some good, cheap entertainment. It won't cost anything but your time and will warm the cockles of your heart.

when my hens have been cooped up too long, they run headlong out of the pen across wide open space and "fly" a bit, just barely off the ground, over and over but definitely showing great joy. so, the "w" and the "s" refuse to be caps.....grrrr.

ecstactic cows in the UK are released from their winter housing. Now, the "e" will not make a cap. Yes, I am sitting on the shift key. So, watch some cows while I try to figure this out.

Your turn
Do your farm animals act happy when they are released from confinement into the open air? Does this give you a warm and fuzzy feeling and make you never want to eat meat from a feed lot? could this capital refusal have anything to do with the milk I spilled onto my keyboard? some things will cap and others won't.


  1. Your milk spill could be the problem. We just expanded our pasture for the Dali Llama and I have never seen a more ecstatic animal. He had lots of space before, maybe a half an acre - so was not confined but with another half acre and more hills, the dudes high on life!lol!
    Meat currently tastes like a tin can to me so I have become a vegetarian again. I loved that video.

  2. I figured out that only the left shift key does not work. that is not where the milk spill was. . . .sigh.I have to shift on the other side which confuses

    I remember when you took his hill away. You said he was unhappy. So giving him back his hill is the equivalent of letting him out of confinement. I am glad you have a happy llama!

    Meat is still good to me. If I did not like the taste of meat, I would indeed be ill.


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