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Sunday, April 1, 2012

CVS Unadvertised $5 Gift Card


My parsimonious and broke self converged to snag another good deal. Only I was not so broke as I was the other day. My SS check came on the 29th for some reason.

Part of my sleep deficit problem lately is that I have been out of Natrol Melatonin (OTC) for over a week. My aged body decided to slow down on producing melatonin and thyroid hormone, so I take both. So, finally having money to went to CVS to get the Natrol Melatonin, 3mg with B6. It was ~$10. 

As I was dragging myself to the store door, I remembered I had not swiped my CVS card. Okay, there is a tall red machine where you put your CVS card and let the squiggly red lines read the bar code. HA! The machine spit out three coupons. One said if you met the pharmacist, you could get a $5 CVS gift card. Soooo...

I hauled myself back to the pharmacy and asked them if there was a catch. The pharmacist heard me, came over, and introduced himself, signed the coupon and told the cashier to give me a card. Voila! $5. My hair color, Nutrisse Garnier, is on sale for $4.99, so I will spend it on hair color.

Now, going to make a purchase at the pharmacy may have been the trigger for the machine to spit out this coupon, so if you try to duplicate this, maybe you should take any purchase to the pharmacy to check out.

If they only had electric carts....sigh.

Melatonin information--Natrol is the best brand, in my opinion. I get the one with B6 because B6 mellows us out. I get 3 mg and take a whole one or a half, usually a half. With tax, I paid a few cents over $10 for 240 tablets. That is at least 8 months and possible a year, depending on how many I half.

CVS orders Natrol Meltonin 3 MG B6 for me specially because they quit carrying it. I love CVS  because they are so nice in my store. I was not paid to say nice things.

Nature Made melatonin is on sale at CVS, BOGO.  I did not compare the price because I would have had to get it off the bottom shelf and then do math in my head.  If it had B6, it might be just as good as Natrol, Take only 1mg to begin with.

Your turn
Has anyone seen this advertised? Has anyone gotten this $5 card? Any good deals out there we should know? Do you ever take Melatonin for sleep?

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