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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Feels Like Home

Bunny planter with sprigs of sweet smelling clover from my yard

Do you remember these planters that were also an animal figurine? This one was very old and free. You know I love the price. It sits in my kitchen window. It makes the place feel homey to me. I don't ever remember anything like this sitting on my mother's kitchen window sill. Maybe I saw these in the homes of aunts or grandmothers when I was young. It feels familiar.

Although the bunny is a symbol of fertility, and some people use them to "advertise" less-than-lovely themes, I still take them for what they are, symbolic, YES. But, they are symbols from a time-gone-by when all of nature had meaning.

Somehow, this little girl, new as she is to my home, sort of completes the window sill.  Even though she was meant to hold a plant, she just gets little snips of flowers.

Your turn
What do you have in your home that feels-like-home or familiar, whether you remember it or not? What feels-like-home that you wish you had? What in other homes do you see that makes the house feel-like-home, even if you don't want it in your home? 


  1. That's a cute planter.
    Let's see, I think cross stitch makes things familiar and granny squares. Textiles in general too.
    Your Easter decorating feels lie hone too...I am not decorating this year but have in years past.

  2. LindaM.
    The white bunny was put out one year for Easter and has lived on that table, year-round for five years. The little window bunny has been in the window for several years. I have more bunnies to come--all the way to Easter.

    So, cross stitch, quilts and textiles. I like hearing what people make their place or any place feel like home.

    I am glad someone likes houseplants. I cannot have them in my home. I like them, but I don't like what they do to my allergies. My clover in the yard is filled with bees and the clover is so fragrant. It smells like my honey tastes. Your house was so cold that houseplants probably would not have lasted. You will get it all back, I am sure.


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