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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bunny, Potato Blossoms, Reuse Idea

outside by the fence

I don't think I would ever decorate the yard like some people do for Easter. I am too cheap. But this little guy greets anyone who comes to my home. He was free, too. Look at the yellow carrots on the plant container. He can stay out here a few days until Easter.

blossom on potato plant

This is a very pretty flower. I saw it all the way across the yard. I am not sure why a potato plant blossoms since the potato is underground. I read that the flower will make potato seeds. Now, I will try to figure out when to harvest the seeds. Do you have any experience with potatoes, blossoms, and seeds?

reuse of ? Can you guess?

I watched people being handed forms to fill out. I could not figure out what held the form. Puzzled, I looked closer. Someone had a clever idea to reuse ring binders. The fronts and backs had been neatly cut off, saving the entity the expense of buying dozens of clipboards. This idea could be used in schools when children need a solid surface on which to write if the teacher is handing out papers. It will also corral papers for each child, maybe even long enough for them to get the papers ALL into their backpack.

My children could have used these when they were coloring on the floor. Often, I would buy one themed coloring book and tear out pages for all three children. One Christmas, Halloween, or Thanksgiving coloring book was enough. We did not have the Internet from which to copy pages!

Your turn
Still, does anyone have any of the figurine planters? Has anyone gotten seeds from potatoes? Can you think of a use for these recycled binder covers? 


  1. Very cute bunny, and the makeshift clipboard is an excellent idea! I'm going to have to try that with one of the many unused binders currently gathering dust at work.

  2. Hops,
    When you cut the fold near the pocket, make sure you don't cut off the heat sealed place; otherwise, one side of the pocket will be open. I should add that to the post.

    Glad you like the bunny!


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