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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just a Swinging

Louise, Thelma, Pepper
I have cheap entertainment right outside my dirty kitchen window. Look closely and you can indulge in what I love--hens up to something new. Well, they may do this often for all I know. It's cute, but now I will have to clean poop off the swing. Little birds leave enough for me to clean from the swing.

Yes, the swing was rocking gently to and fro. Pepper has her back to me and is not sitting. Exbf said that later they were sitting with tails hanging off, better to keep the poop off the seat.

Update: Ooops! I forgot to show you the swing seat after they got down. Nothing on the seat is poop! Amazing!

Your turn
What are your chickens doing to entertain you or drive you crazy? If you don't have chickens, tell me about your goats, pigs, or llamas, please.

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