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Monday, April 30, 2012

Organic Pasta Steal...Legal or How to Score a Better Deal

Do you like a good deal as well as I do? Listen up to what I found and how I dickered for a better price. First, what I got:

15 one-pound bags
100% Organic
Made in Italy
Fusilli #27
Made with bronze Plates
USDA 100% Organic
Certified Organic by ICEA
Produced and Packed in Italy
Ingredients: Organic Whole Wheat Semolina
Nov 9, 2014

You just know there is always a place for reduced items in a store? Right? I usually have a look to see what is a good deal and still has a far off date. When I picked up a bag of this, I was impressed but wanted a better price. It was marked down to $1.79. I was going to get it at a better price.

So, I found the manager and told him there were 15 bags on the shelf, that I would pay $1 for each bag and buy them all. He said, "Okay, if you will buy all of them." It was that easy peasy.

Why were they reduced? A checker said I got a good deal, that they did not stock this.  It was sent to them on their regular truck, they so put it on a reduced table. Lucky me.

I do this all the time. The round, plastic table that the chicken's Rubbermaid boxes sit on was gotten this way. The one table in a box was sitting on the display with a reduced sign. I offered to pay less than the sale price and take the last one off his hands.

He laughed at me. I was not daunted! When I pointed out that he had a huge display taking up space and one item left on it when people did not want yard things since it was getting cool out, he looked like he understood and let me buy it for the less-than-sale price I offered. (whew! long sentence) I got a boxed Christmas tree this way.

Try it. You might get what you ask for. Maybe you think I am selfish? Just say so if you do because I don't think

Yes, all the pedigree above was on the bag of pasta. Why is it better made with bronze plates? What is the difference in fusilli and rotini? What was the original price? What is the price of other pasta?

Bronze plates advantage:
"When cooking pasta try to use durum semolina pasta cut with a bronze plated die. This gives it that porous look and is the sign of a good quality pasta. You can tell when a Teflon die has been used to produce the pasta because it has a shiny flat surface." You can believe Italian cooks. I suppose I am not that sophisticated to know the difference. I will just take their word for it.

Fusilli--long, thick, corkscrew shaped pasta
Rotini--short, flattened, twisted pasta
They look the same to me.

The price on the Internet ranged from between $2.69 and $3.99. In the store I found rotini pasta at its most expensive to be about $1.50/lb. None was organic or imported or made of whole wheat.  On the Delallo site, these one-lbs bags are $3.48.

ICEA is the Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute in Italy. Look here for more information.

I really scored on this pasta! And, it is kosher if it matters to anyone. And parve--"Jewish dietary laws considers pareve food to be neutral; Pareve food can be eaten with both meat and milk dishes." Yes, it had the symbol "K"and the word "parve."

The final task lies ahead. I will put these in the freezer for 48 hours, allow them to come to room temperature, and store in Ball one-half gallon jars. When I fill 6 jars, the rest will be left out for use in the next few months. Yes, they will be stored in the dark. According to the use by date, I have 2.5 years to use this and it still be of good quality and nutrition. Yay!

Your turn
Have you ever heard of this brand of pasta? Delallo produces other products, too. Have you ever tried to get below sale price by taking all of the product?


  1. Such a deal, indeed !!

    I didn't know that about the bronze plate--thanks for my Monday morning lesson. lol

    Hope things are looking up for you a bit....xoxoxo

  2. Akannie,
    And, that was my Monday morning lesson, also. I suppose I had been eating inferior pasta all this time. Things are the same.

  3. We have a bump and dent grocery near us. When they have Delallo I stock up. The rough surface holds sauce better and the Italian semolina for some reason doesn't get mushy as easily.

  4. Olivia,
    Wow, that would be great to find high quality pasta regularly! I feel this will be a once-in-a-lifetime event for me. Besides being of good quality and cheap, it's organic. Now, our bump and dents may be on my list of shopping venues. Thanks for that tip.


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