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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Can you see my blog?

I get the message that there are no posts. It's lonely in I have no clue as to what happened.
UPDATE: It is fixed. Thanks for responses.


  1. Okay, I had to change a setting for my old template, a setting I had not touched!

  2. Yes, now I can, but earlier this morning no posts were available. Glad it's fixed!

  3. Karen,
    Thanks for that information. Yes, I am glad it is fixed. I just wonder what happened to make it all disappear. I had not touched anything to make the change. Could you see rows and columns of photos?

  4. Glad its fixed.. was showing me only rows and rows of photos??

  5. Athyn,
    Someone told me that you could double-click on the photo and see the blog post. I had managed to change it back after I did click on one photo. Thanks for letting me know.

    1. Glad it's resolved but yes, clicking on the photos in that layout brings up the actual post. I like it and thought of using it but I could see how confusing it is since it has no instructions on the home page and gives that misleading " no posts" message.

  6. That misleading message almost gave me a heart attack! I suppose for an artist or seller of items, that might work. I am glad I am not the only one who thought it was horrendous. I think any other design might just have caused me to say, "Oh, rats" and just change it back.

  7. Linda, How are you doing ? I have been following your blog since your recent post on Framboise Manor.
    Where are you going when you leave your home ? I know so many people who are leaving homes that it is certainly downright depressing. I have lived through extreme adversity myself, a few times. My best strategy is to write down all the tasks that need doing, and then starting on my least favorite first thing that morning. Then, I coast the rest of the day. Please know that people do care about your challenges and the challenges of others. Chin up.


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