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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weight Loss=Free Car Wash Bargains, Hens

And, obviously not in order in the post. I like free. I like cheap. This car wash required something of me. But, the requirement was something that cost me nothing, suiting my parsimonious spirit.

Since I need to lose weight, and Mark had mentioned losing weight, also. I made him a proposition--we set goals for weight loss. Whoever reaches the goal first can ask something of the other. Mark wanted to listen to my Victrola, you know, the windup record player. I wanted my car washed. He wanted a small goal first--10 lbs. I lost 12 lbs and he gained 2, so I got a car wash today--in my yard, with my water, with my car wash liquid. I gave him a ragged dishtowel and a bucket from the deli.

Today was the day I collected. My car has not been washed in at least a year. Sad, but I cannot afford to go to the car wash and cannot wash it myself. Besides, running it through the car wash is a waste of money. The stall where I do it myself takes two washes because the car is white, very dirty, and I am not as fast as I once was. At home, I cannot get the hoses pulled out to full length--or bend much, or for long, or reach too far for too long....sigh. The whole car-washing bit is a struggle!

Now, he is out for the weight-loss challenge. He said it put too much stress on him to have a goal and to owe something if he did not lose first! I did not mention it for three months. ??? Oh, well. He needs to formulate a meal plan...yeah! I have not planned quit eating so much.

He would not go for mowing my yard if I lose ten before him...wonder why?


When I picked up produce for the hens, there were only two tomatoes and an onion. The onion will be salvaged for me. Tomorrow, they will get the tomatoes.

However, there were two marked-down cantaloupes. My hens love cantaloupe like chocolate or crack. They go absolutely nuts. They make little num num num noises when they eat cantaloupe. I wish I could collect all the cantaloupes' seeds and rinds for them. I decided to spend $1 for one. The guy just gave me the other. YAY! I have never bought a cantaloupe for them, but today I did since it has been months since they had one.

onion is 5.5 inches in diameter, one bad spot.--free

Above, the left hand cantaloupe half has all the seeds and goes to hens. The right half is for exbf tomorrow. I peel it for him and keep the rinds for the hens.

Look above. Pepper is at the top right, small hen. Thelma is at the lower left. Look at Louise in the middle, giving Pepper the eye! Pepper is trying to escape with a mass of seeds. Pepper darts in for food and carries it away if Louise is nearby. Thelma sort of ignores Pepper. One day, Thelma was going to peck Pepper. Louise rushed Thelma as if to say, "This is my job. Mind your business. Stay in your place." As long as there is no food, Louise sort of tolerates Pepper.

Once again, I got cheese on sale, the 8 ounce chunk of Kraft Cheese--four chunks today. 2/$5=$2.50-$1/2 coupon=$2each-5% discount= $1.90 each, AGAIN. Since the use by date is in June, I am okay.  Then, the cash register spit out a coupon for $3 off next grocery purchase. I love it when the coupon is not for a specific product.  If I don't spend these register coupons with a short life, I forget.

The store was about to close, so I grabbed these three mixes by Concord Farm. I never use the whole package. So, between using only part of the package and using them seldom, I can use this for five or more meals and the package will last me for a year, maybe..... I paid $0.11 for these three packages. Hmmm, that is not right, but it is what she charged me. Oh, yes, I got the senior citizen discount on this purchase, too, tonight.

I put a little oil in a bowl and a spoon of the Concord Farm Roasted Potato Seasoning Mix. Then, I put potato wedges in and stir, put them in an iron skillet with a lid and bake. Yum. These are not the directions on the package, but I suppose the directions on there will work. The package does not call for and iron skillet or covering the baking dish.

One day, I put this seasoning mix on meat. Yum, again. I never use as much of the seasoning as the package calls for. There are other flavors, but this is the best to me.

A friend gave me 5 huge baking potatoes. Another shared 7 tomatoes and 8 oranges--all beautiful. I have given them things in the past. I have been eating these, so no pictures. None were blemished or old.

Your turn
Have you ever tried the Concord Farm Roasted Potato Seasoning Mix? Now, do you see how Louise is controlling Pepper? Do you think Pepper is a banty/bantam? She is laying, so she is not just a young pullet. What do you share with your friends so that food costs will be a smaller part of your budget? Do you have hens or animals that like cantaloupes? One day, I will go out there and the rind will be so thin that it looks like a deflated balloon! 


  1. If Mark gets bored and wants to wash another car later, mine could use it! (I think it has been washed twice in the two years we've had it, both times during dealer visits. But it's supposed to rain a lot this week, so maybe we should just slosh some soap on it and see what happens.)

    I've never tried that roasted potato seasoning mix but it sure looks good.

  2. Hops,
    I washed my car in the rain the last time it was washed. I took a bucket with about three inches of water and the car wash liquid, and a cloth down to the police station. It is close, has a bright light and is safe late at night. I washed in the rain and let it sit a bit in the rain before I took it home to park it under a tree.

    After it was washed and rinsed and before I took it home, I went to a service station to see if any dirt was left. It's a white car, so it's hard to get clean. I had two tiny spots that I washed/wiped off with a paper towel at the windshield wipe station.

    Then, I used to windshield squeegee and did all the windows. FREE 100%

  3. I knew you woud win that bet:)
    Still not knowing a thing about chickens,,,,are there normally alphas like Louise? I might e ordering chicks soon....I guess they'll work themselves out.
    I've never seen that spice mix.

  4. LindaM,
    Chuckling here. Hey, I needed a car wash.

    Yes, there is always an alpha hen. Louise has never shown this side of her. I thought Thelma was the alpha female. She always bossed Fancy around. But, that is what is called the pecking order--who gets to boss who. I suppose she feels things are getting out of control now, so she has to assert herself.

    In all groups of animals there is an alpha male and alpha female. If you order baby chicks, there is no problem. If you order grown hens, they will work it out.

    Concord Farm mixes are all over the produce department. Maybe they don't carry it where you shop.

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