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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pain, Dinner, New Blogger

Pain defines me right now. I do have hydrocodone to take, but just refuse to submit to something that strong. So, I am in horrendous pain.

Here is what I think. If the pain medicine stops the pain, I will no longer be capable of standing! Then, I would have to lie down or scrunch down in the chair. The pain will stop on its own if I lie down or scrunch down in the chair! I want to stand and walk. But, pain meds hit me so hard that standing and walking capably are not in my repertoire when properly medicated.

For lunch, which was my breakfast, I had yummy chicken that appeared to be baked, pulled from the bone and served. ??? Then, contrary to the usual menu, we had boxed mashed potatoes and pinto beans with ham chunks, and wHItE bReAd....ack. There is usually a salad and a vegetable--green beans, sweet potato, but never boxed masked potatoes.

This church serves a lovely meal once a month. Police officers, politicians, local shrink, retired professionals, one of our local authors, and all sorts of retired professionals attend. And some welfare cases come. Most people are far from poor and acquaintances or friends for the past thirty years.

Oh, I had red velvet cake...yum.  I did not eat the bread or all the mashed potatoes and did not touch the beans. I also collected about a quart of food for the hens. They got all except half the meat that will be their protein tomorrow. Later, I went out to see what they ate. These silly hens left all the pinto beans. All the beans were neatly piled on one side of the disposable plate I brought from the dinner. How do they do that? Do they remind you of children?

Well, that was lunch for the hens. As it turned out, they had peanuts for dinner. I had some peanuts that somehow tasted funny and had a weird texture. They were not old. So, I sat and shelled peanuts and threw them in the grass for Thelma, Louise, and Pepper. Louise pecked Pepper often to scare her away. Louise decided to sample my toe. Then, she jumped into my lap for a looksee at the world from there and to peer into the overturned bag of peanuts. Now, my fingers hurt from shelling peanuts.

My dinner. Today, I had sat for two hours on hard chairs. For dinner I had pain relievers--dark chocolate chips. Euphoria set in, and either I don't hurt or don't care. Then, feeling a bit more chipper, I had a handful of pecans. Okay, I am strong enough to cook. So, two scrambled eggs with cheese...yum...and a glass of milk.  Finally, feeling like I needed a vegetable and only having fresh onions, I ate a whole can of turnip greens. Oh, I had shredded carrots but did not want those. Later, I will have a delish orange. Everyone needs a five course meal once in while. Right? It seemed like a balance meal....even if it were bizarre.

I just now occurred to me--I only had two meals today, so I suppose I am entitled to one with me here and agree with me or I might cry...seriously, I am so stressed. It may be time for more chocolate chips.  

Tell me all the bad parts of the new Blogger, pleeeease!

Your turn
Have you ever just eaten dinner one food at a time? Can anyone relate to this pain, unrelenting and made worse by doing anything? Do your chickens like peanuts? Just say anything about anything so I will know the blogging world is out there......pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!


  1. As far as I'm concerned chocolate cures most pain - eat as much as you can and enjoy yourself.
    I moved to Wordpress recently because of the pain Blogger caused me - I consumed lots of chocolate that day lol
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  2. I just watched the Botany of Desire and tbey said that if Canabis is not an actual pain killer, it at least distracts from the pain....same with chocolate .
    Yes, when you said your fingers hurt from cracking peanuts, I could relate. Poeple without fibromyalgia look at me funny for these supposedly tiny aches heart goes out to you because I can imagine exactly how you feel.
    I got used to taking pain took awhile. I can walk on them's nice once in awhile to feel no pain. I never used to take anything before surgery but now I feel that life is too short to suffer endlessly.
    I hope you feel better soon.....

  3. Have you tried natural pain killers? or heat? I know dumb questions without knowing your medical issues. I have arthritis in my hands but spend alot of time using them coupled with Raynauds syndrome which makes me cold all the time. I use heat on them along with handmade fingerless gloves that keep most of my hands toasty warm.

    I ask about the herbal pain relievers because when I had dental work (extensive) they gave me the hydrocone. It didn't help as much as my homemade bee balm tincture for the infection and the pain. That stuff provided instant relief!


  4. Cathy,
    oooh, Encourage me to eat chocolate! Yes, it's not like I need lots of encouragement today. Maybe I should save some chips for the day I download the new blogger. I don't have money to buy least not in the quantity I am sure it will require.

    Yes, people think I have arthritis and ask what I take...."I don't have arthritis and I take nothing for pain." They get so disgusted. In your case, I am going with the pain meds. When I have back surgery, bring on the meds. Charlie said the rotator cuff surgery really hurt and he took meds. He is tough as nails, so if he needed meds, I sure will. If I just go to bed in a bit, I won't hurt lying down. That stymied the doctor--that it did not hurt lying down at all.

    Natural pain relief? Sex? nope. Chocolate? yes. Hammer to the head? I might. You will have to leave a link to your tea balm tincture if it is on your post, if you will. I could eat the honey I have. It tastes like flowers taste if I ate

  5. oh my dear - i am sorry that you are in such pain! Beth is right about the tea balm...but also, soak your hands when they feel sore, numb or cold. and eat whatever you feel like eating - our bodies let us know what they want to help with pain and to help heal. i hope that this comment makes sense!

    your friend,

  6. kymber,
    I cannot soak everytime I hurt! Before my shoulder and knee needed surgery, a hot soak in the tub fixed me right up. Since it is a clawfoot tub, it was a nice deep soak and the tub got warm, healing my body more. I function with the pain and rarely mention it to anyone. I try not to be a pest about it. While I do try to eat sensibly,the chocolate urge hits! Chocolate really does dull pain. You make perfect sense.

  7. I can absolutly relate to the pain that you're in and I am heart-sick for you. I am so upset & frustrated that I live in Pittsburgh and can't get there to help you. By the time I had my 1st & 2nd back surgeries the Hydrocodone nor even morphine was no longer relieving the pain. After the recover period you will feel much better post surgical. It's a rough surgery w/ a long recovery period but it's well worth it. My thoughts are with you.

  8. I'm sorry life is so difficult for you right now. Pain is an unkind bed fellow. Will the painkillers stop making you feel woosey after a few days, or is the inability to walk permanant as long as you are taking the drug?

    I can sooo relate to eating chocolate chips!

    Take care.

  9. Patty and Sue,
    I went to bed at 7:30 pm because of back and body pain. Fibromyalgia makes my arms hurt through skin to bone. I did too much yesterday and today. Patty, I do like hearing about the back surgery recovery. Sue, from my past experience, I will not tolerate the pain meds well, becoming more unable to function if my past experience is any indication of present tolerance. It is after midnight. I suppose it is now Thursday. I awoke from my early bedtime and decided I could sleep no more. Now, I will eat chocolate chips.


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