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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lunch on the Cheap

This lunch is cheap several ways: free or cheap food, cheap transport, reusable transport, no buying lunch.

First, you start out with frugal dinner.

The chicken thigh/leg quarter was free. I took the skin off before I served the meal. eight of these, sixteen pieces of chicken went into the oven. The skin was brown and golden. Potatoes and tomatoes were free and  fine, just not fit to sell. I paid for the broccoli (it is steamed) and carrots. Still, this dinner was less than $1. Eating at home has benefits. You can have the same thing for lunch at work. Or, it can be a dinner for the next night. (Lots more carrots are hiding under the tomatoes! I removed carrots and tomatoes so I could heat the chicken. Then, I did not get the carrots uncovered.)

For lunches or dinners all ready to microwave, you collect divided bowls. I found this one at a garage sale. The green bowl had a pink lid in which the hens left a present, and it was not an egg. The lid blew off the bookcase on the porch. Hens found it accidentally. The clear Tupperware lid pictured above was a lucky find, as I bought it and it fit. Notice that there is no vent in the lid.

has a lid with vent for heating in microwave
While I plated the meal for exbf's dinner, I prepared another Tupperware divided dish for his lunch the next day. I accidentally put the raw vegetables in to be heated even though there is an insert for one of the holes, so he could take out the salad part and not heat it. The tomatoes are underneath the broccoli and carrots. He said the tomatoes were juicy and broccoli was marinated in tomato juice, quite good, he said.
This dish goes into one of the compartments.
Rounded area at the top is a thumb-hold to remove  from the larger dish. I usually put cole slaw or fresh, sliced tomatoes in this section..Cold fruit or desserts can travel in the little cup.

I don't know why I did not take a picture of the lid. It has a pop up vent to open. That way, the lid can stay on during microwaving. Your lunch won't be the one that spatters the microwave at work. Plus, it is more stable to carry. 

Even though this dish was quite expensive years ago, the lunch  savings paid for the dish in the first week I used it. I have an identical dish that was purchased at a yard sale for $0.50. The lid was at one sale for $0.25. That makes four, so if he doesn't bring one back because he leaves it at home, I have another for him the next week. Plus, I can use them myself.

Orphaned Tupperware is worth it. If I had not found the vented top, other Tupperware seals/lids/tops are pretty well standard sizes. Now, I can actually make four dinners/lunches in my dishes.

Note: I still cannot post pictures. This was written earlier.  I could not write a post tonight because I am still soooo upset.

Your turn
Do you own Tupperware with the vent? They make soup bowls, too. Divided dishes for lunch? 


  1. that freakin lunch looks awesome! do ya got any left for me??? please????

    your friend,

  2. kymber,
    Thanks. It was a great lunch, better than the night before, he said. Somedays, it may seem I do not really know how to cook, just slice things. He is diabetic and I don't want to be. We both love chicken and don't need it embellished.

    I am baking an oven full of chicken today and now have a million tomatoes. Come on down! Bring your own dish and take away some for tomorrow.

  3. Divided dishes are the best! When I was a kid I loved to scoop dinner leftovers into my dad's big divided Tupperware containers for his lunch the next day - everything looked so neat and tidy. Now I have an assortment of Pyrex and Rubbermaid containers for my own leftovers, none with dividers, and on days when I have to juggle three or four pieces just to put my lunch together I think "One day, I'm getting dishes like my dad's..."


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