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Friday, March 16, 2012

How an Egg is Layed

I found a excellent article on how a hen lays an egg.  One day, I saw Fancy on the nest. She arose just as I came up, and an egg dropped to the leaves. It was an amazing sight. I certainly did not know hens stood to lay. I have seen them sitting down and the tail rising really high. I thought they were laying. Probably, they were straining/pushing and stood when I was not there.

Your turn
Have you ever seen an egg drop from a hen? Raise your hand if you have chickens. Are you getting chicks?


  1. Raised.....getting chickens........need to order them very soon. I haven't picked out the breed yet.

  2. Never seen one yet. But our neighbors have chickens and maybe I'll get the opportunity soon.

  3. 2 hens from last year.
    got 22 chicks that could go out to the barn in 2 weeks.
    Wife got 4 turkeys that I will enjoy killing in November.

    I love the chickens.

  4. LindaM,
    Rhode Island Red have been good for me. They are all-purpose, hardy, gentle, not-feisty, and will lay well in cold and heat, plus they are good meat birds.

    You will get the joy of chickens without the work! Maybe they will have enough eggs to share.

  5. Mudbug,
    Great! I love turkey but not the killing. I am glad someone will enjoy that. I am sure they will be delicious. Are those chicks for eating or for eggs?

    1. for eggs. I'm getting my Colorado Egg License to sell them to the local market and farmer's market. My neighbor is ordering a couple dozen in the fall so we can raise together for meat.

      And my bees will be in next week, so that will be fun too.

      And the meat goats are almost to weight.

      Life on the farm.

  6. Mudbug,
    This is all very exciting to me. I wish I had the ability (room) to have enough hens to raise hens for eggs. Of course, it is lots of work. But, other than having a big enough house and property to put them on, I cannot imagine that feeding dozens of hens is much harder than feeding three. Of course, I am sure I would be in for a big suprise in many respects.

    Bees sound exciting and something that I would like to have, along with someone to tend

    Goats--not ready to go there, yet, not even in my

  7. I meant I wish I could raise hens for meat.


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