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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Thoughts

"Crocus are the Chicken Littles of Spring--it doesn't start until the daffodils sing."

I don't remember where I saw that. I thought sure I would remember. If this is true, then Spring came here in February.

Spring is marked by the sightings of yellow--daffodils and bulldozers.

It may be Summer since it is 86 degrees here right now.

Here it is March 18, and my yard has needed mowing since mid February. I could show you a picture, but I cannot post until I pay Picasa $5!

Your turn
Do you have any Spring sayings to share? Has spring arrived where you are? Can you give me a clue where you are if you decide to answer that last question? No, I don't need your street address.


  1. It feels like spring is almost here (in Alberta, Canada). However, there's a constant threat of flurries.

    Today it was beautiful... puddles for my daughter to hop in, the sun was shining and the tiniest bit of snow on the ground. Yes... it feels like spring is here.

  2. Jennifer,
    Hi, glad to hear from you in Alberta.

    Puddles to jump in are important. I would allow my children to play in the rain. As long as it was not a thunderstorm, they could go out. Neighbors would call to tell me my children were out in the

    It seems I fell into summer today. Maybe your flurries won't materialize.

  3. Yesterday several people told me it was to snow. It was 60 degrees and sunny so I didn't really believe them. Even when most of the state has snow here in the center we are sheltered from it. I woke at 3am it was raining. I woke at 6am and there it was-- a nice, thin blanket of snow over everything. Go figure. Montana is always that way though. So fickle.

    I like the opening quote. It made me smile.

    "daffodils and bulldozers" - what a combination!

    Have a great day!

  4. BLD/Beth,
    I don't think I would have believed it was going to snow if it were 60 degrees! I live on a plateau in foothills, so some things miss us entirely. I see the storms dissipate or divide just as they reach our county. I always think of bulldozers now when I see daffodils!


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