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Monday, March 12, 2012

I Am Woman; Hear Me Roar

The adrenalin rush I feel is overpowering.

You can see one of his eyes about a quarter of the way from bottom left, right at the very bottom of the picture.
In 2009, a raccoon killed one of my four hens that I kept. I caught a raccoon in the Hav-a-Hart live trap. Then, in the spring of  2010 (I think)a mother and her three babies cavorted in the space over my room where I sit, the den. A baby dislodged part of the ceiling and fell through. Cops got it out of the house.

Then, another night two babies fell through right beside me, within 10 inches or less of my elbow. The mother growled. She even tried to come in the house though the back door when the police were here, helping me.

For the last week, I have heard vague ramblings above my head. EeeeK!  On Thursday night, I heard noise on the porch and knew it was a raccoon. But, I did not want to scare it. You see, I want it to be comfortable being so close. I always have plans for raccoons. Friday night, I forgot to get the live trap out. Saturday, I did not forget. I set it and baited it with baked chicken skin....and waited. I heard noise and waited to make sure it was really in the trap.

So, you see what I caught. I presume it is a female who was making a nest above this room, the warmest in the house since the only heater is here. Plus, the picture window side faces South and the sun tracks across the window and side of the house all day. I just hope she did not have her babies today up there above the ceiling!

She growled lots at me when I got close to look at her and gloat, and I growled back and banged a pie pan that had chicken food...banged it on her cage. My heart rate soared. This is soooo scary, and there is no one to help me. Animal Control will get it in the morning. Maybe no other females will decide to make this a baby-birthing place.

Tomorrow, she takes a trip. Exbf said I sounded like Mafia with that statement. Nothing bothers my hens if I can help it. Plus, raccoons carry diseases and tear apart houses. 
Here is the beginning. What happened next. And the end, I think. At any rate, this is ongoing. Others around town deal with it, too.

Your turn
Do you ever have to catch dangerous animals? Wild animals?  Are you being brave or does trapping wild animals not even frighten you?


  1. Replies
    1. Another gardening Linda! Saw your post on Martin & Amy's blog and had to come and say hellow.
      In answer to your question, we don't really have troublesome wild animals in Scotland. Here in Edinburgh urban foxes are about the worst we have to deal with at the allotment, and they're not vicious - tho I would never try to handle one. Some people want to reintroduce wolves to the Scottish countryside. Personally I enjoy being able to go for a walk in the hills without being afraid I'm going to be eaten.

    2. Scotland Linda,
      Raccoons won't attack unless they are cornered or have rabies. Oh yes, you can add "unless you have their babies." No, I would not want to reintroduce something that might attack me, especially attack little children. Raccoons can and ill just rip open a house or roof if they want inside. Come back and visit again.

  2. Congratulations!
    My heart would be racing too!

  3. Oh, good one! I still have the fox trap set but haven't caught anything yet. And when we do if husband is not home I will be calling the son to come deal with it.
    I am not brave.


  4. I haven't had to deal with any furry creatures invading my condo--yet--but I did have to deal with some naughty amorous squirrels on my balcony several months ago. They dig up my window boxes and generally annoy the cheese out of me.

  5. Mark,
    When I went out the back door this morning, my heart started pounding again....whew.

    I can set the trap, bait it, and wait. Beyond that, I am really frightened. Someone else will have to deal. I am not brave, either.

    I enjoy your blog but missed the squirrel debauchery. My squirrels are very destructive!

  6. I have trouble with raccoons every year. I have several chickens and most don't have first names but I still hate losing them to the darn raccoons every year. They are also very strong and can tear up the chicken house to get in.

  7. I am the resident raccoon catcher in the neighborhood. My one neighbor even went so far to say "Well, you are native American so you must do this all the time with wild animals" DUH! But it is quite funny to watch 3 grown men scared of a raccoon while 100 lb female me climbs up on the roof baits the trap and then takes the trap down with the live raccoon in it. Glad I stumbled on this blog, came over from Framboise Manor.

  8. Patti,
    My hens lived inside for about 14 months, in a cage inside the back door until I could get their pen raccoon-proofed. I am still not quite confident that it is safe from raccoons. My remaining three have names, but nameless or named, I don't want to feed raccoons!

    Pardon me! I am part native American on both sides of my family, but I don't have wild-animal-catching genes! You won't catch me climbing on the roof. I can barely get up the stairs, plus I am afraid of heights. And, my trap allows the raccoon to reach through. I cannot carry it at all with the raccoon inside because of several injuries. Dragging it was the best I could do when it was empty. My injuries and age are my hindrances!

    I guess their "helping the little lady out" gene does not kick in because of your ancestry

    Come back by, and I will check out your blog.

  9. You are a brave, brave woman! I don't think I'd have the nerve to go mano-a-mano with a particularly menacing-looking stuffed animal, much less a live (and angry) raccoon. Congrats on your triumph!

  10. Hops,
    LOL...they are scary, alright. This one even frightened the cop when it jumped and snarled. I wish I could have made a video of the snarling, toothy menace.

  11. oh my goodness Linda - you have been up to some serious escapades lately! i am so glad that you got the raccoon trapped with hurting yourself!

    your friend,

    1. kymber,
      Thanks. I try hard not to get hurt. Fright was the only thing I experienced. Then, I cannot sleep!

  12. I like animals just fine but I don't want them in my house. Two years ago I had baby opossums come into our house on two separate occasions. Fortunately both times I was able to coax/chase/scare them back out.

    I'm not a fan of raccoons. Many years ago I lived in the Mountains east of San Diego. The raccoons living there are about the size of 3 year old children. I thought they were cute until the night they killed every one of our ducks. All that was left in the morning was feathers!

    One night, since living here, we heard splashing out by the pool. It was a whole gang of raccoons. The next morning we found the surface of the water to be covered with bright pink foam material. The darn coons had tried to eat the pool noodles!

  13. Everyone tells me how cute raccoons are. Yes, until they eat your animals. I awoke to a murdered hen in its pen. After that, my hens slept in a cage indoors by the back door. Neither possums or raccoons are cute, welcome, or harmless.

    Those were some large raccoons you had. The raccoons in the pool can spread germs! I wonder if any of the raccons became sick after munching on pool noodles. Do you have animals they can attack now?

    I am glad you came by. Come again. I appreciate the information on food recalls you left on my dumpster diving post.


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