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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Itty Bitty Economy

What is  alike  about these two bottles?
What is different about these two bottles?

*Dawn is the product.
*Both were free to me+ $.08 tax.
*Both were bought about 5 years ago.

*One bottle is empty.
*One bottle is full.
*One bottle has a flip cap.
*The other has a push/pull cap.
*One is wasteful of the product.
*The other saves the product.

Soooo....what is the big deal? It was free, so why can't you waste that tiny bit?

I just cannot, that's why!

About 4-6 years ago, the push/pull cap was replaced on the market by the flip cap. I just about flipped! The flip cap wastes the Dawn no matter how carefully I pour. The push/pull cap can be pushed down until I can dispense one drop at a time. With Dawn drops, not a stream, are all I need. If I do need more, I just put another drop in the sink.

Now, I have to change caps from the empty bottle to the full bottle. The full bottle NOW has the push/pull cap, and it sits on the back of the sink. Someday, the lone push/pull cap I have will break. I have a free bottle of Palmolive that I bought for my daughter. It has the push/pull cap! If she does not get it, I will just use the Palmolive bottle by pouring the Dawn in it. Of course, I will take off the label!
Only one friend has complimented me on using less. The others just look at my face, searching for sanity, look away, and change the subject or say, "That's nice." They are insincere in their compliments. Okay, my friend who died, Pat, thought this was a very good way to save. She was the friend who was most impressed by my parsimonious ways.
This has nothing to do with the Dawn being free or with saving money. Why use more at one time than is needed? Okay, your strange parsimonious friend has spoken.

By the way, a pump top delivers too much product.

Your turn
Do you have a preference for the delivery of liquid sink washing detergent if you use the commercial stuff? Have you ever noticed that the flip tops deliver too much, despite your best efforts? Do you think I am too crazy parsimonious?


  1. I HATE those flip tops. You are so correct in stating that too much liquid is wasted. I so wish I had thought to save my push/pull cap!! :)

  2. I purchase in bulk and transfer it to a smaller container, adding water to thin it out.

  3. A.Marie,
    It's great I am not alone in this notion! I have transferred this one for years to the new bottle. If I ever go to an estate sale and see an old bottle of Dawn with the push/pull cap, I will get one. The Palmolive bottle that are full have the right kind of cap. Maybe you can buy one of those and empty or use the contents just to get the bottle and cap. When I say "empty," I mean to use it or pour it out for another use.

    That works!

  4. Someone who follows anonymously said that the same thing happens to her contact lens saline solution...a scam by manufacturers.

  5. I hadn't noticed until you mentioned it, but the Joy bottle has a flip top, too. I buy at Sam's and refill, too. I wonder if it's on purpose by the manufacturer?

  6. I am sure they take that kind of thing into consideration. Why would the manufacturer want us to not use lots of a product? No, they want us to use lots of any product.

  7. Linda--do you know about stretching your dish soap by taking one full bottle and putting half of it into an empty bottle. Add 2 tablespoons of table salt to each bottle and shake. Fill both up with water, leaving enough room to shake and mix. It will gel nicely and is like a 2 fer every time!!
    NOTE; for some reason, some cheaper dish soaps do not work well for this. They never thicken up.

  8. Akannie,
    Why the salt? The thickness of the liquid dish soap is part of the reason I can just use a squirt--the liquid does not flow as quickly. I never heard of this, but I will look into it. Saving products and money is always good for me. Thanks. What is the salt for?

  9. You're probably right - my wife seemed to have used half the bottle given the number of bubbles we had the other day...

    My mother-in-law mixes it down with water as she goes down the bottle but I don't recommend that I'm sure it messes up how it works - the bubbles don't last five mins at her house when I wash up

  10. Linda--I think it makes it stay thick when you dilute it...I guess. lol

  11. Furtheron,
    I never get bubbles with Dawn! But, my mother would put water in the Prell when I was a child. She was saving a bit of money because she said we used a glob in our hands no matter if it were full-strength or diluted. Also, she like that it lathered better, making us children happy.

    I wonder! But, I dilute it a bit for putting in standing water outdoors, water I don't want to dump. I put the water in the container, just a bit, so that it will be easier to dribble in the water that is caught in a barrel. So, maybe not. hmmm...

    Oh, I did not see your comment on the 11th. I was not ignoring you, just did not see it.


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