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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

Love at first sight!

At the super yard sale last fall, I got a few more shopping bags for a price that suited my parsimony. That means they had to be cheap, useful, and pretty if possible. I fell in love with this bag as I dug it out of the box. You know that the first thing I do is stick my nose/face in a bag to see if it has odor. No odor! And, it is not for grocery shopping.

Several months later, I unearthed this from my treasures and showed it to exbf. I asked him to examine it and tell me what he thought I paid for it. He looked it over and guessed--$5.00.  I was surprised he would think I would pay that.

I showed him the LC on the flap and asked him if he knew what it meant. He was baffled. Unlike the majority of us women, he had not a clue, not one. Liz Claiborne is just something he thinks he has heard of in the past. I am not into brands, and obviously he is completely oblivious.

You want to know what I paid? He was shocked it was soooo inexpensive.
 $0.50. Two quarters. Four bits.

Yes, two quarters for a heavy canvas, colorful bag that smells of nothing and was not dirty at all. It is 18" long x 9.5 " deep x 13 " tall. There is a zipper on the top and on each of the end pouches. The pouches on the ends are the height and width of the bag and one inch deep.  A long, snapped  pouch is across the back and there are three pouches on the front, one with a snap under the flap.
A weekend's worth of clothing would fit in this bag, including extra shoes and toiletries. Cool! Doesn't it look like Spring? Easter?
Your turn
These are just my colors, especially the happy pink and yellow. Do you ever get all silly-happy when you find something special? What have you found cheap lately? What have you found cheap that you want to crow about?  


  1. Great score!!! I love a quality bargain and that certainly is one.

    Surprisingly, I can't think of a recent bargain. It has been a long time since I have gone shopping anywhere but the grocery. Unusual for me. Now I have to go look around and figure out what the last thing I bought was...

  2. A friend wrote about this post to me in an email:
    "And these are the little joys that give us our happy moments in life. I've been happy many times with tag sale finds and especially Freecycle finds. My favorites include Coach bags, a leather jacket, Mexican tin stars -about 2dozen, and bikes for the kids. I love tag sales. Nice bag."

    Yes, our happy moments! Thanks, Stephy.

  3. Lorie,
    Thanks, I agree.

    When you think of something, post it. I will enjoy reading about it even weeks later!

    1. Thats a ute happy bag. I haven't been shopping lately besides food. I 'd lie to o thrfting soon....a new one opened up in town.


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