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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Concoction for Fancy

She just suddenly stuck here head under the towel.
Today, I gave fancy some Fruit Punch Gatorade with ground egg shells and a pinch of the electrolyte powder. She let us know when she had had enough! She was force fed more.

 Gatorade, electrolytes, vitamins, and ground egg shell

I think she is telling him something.
As I was starting to settle in the chair to dose her, Tommy said, "Here, let me hold her so it will be easier for you." I assured him I could handle it. He watched for a bit longer and said, "I want to hold her." He cradled her, talked to her in the most gentle, soft voice, and caressed her. Finally, as I filled the syringe, he sang "Rock A Bye Baby" to Fancy.

Then, while I filled it again, he started talking softly but animated to her. He is a good story-teller.
Did you hear the one about Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken? He broke down on the side of the road and a  bunch of your cousins, a band of chickens found him. They fried him right up and ate him for lunch--original. Yes, they fried him and ate him with 14 herbs and spices.

He has no children, but he would have been a good father. Of course, he gets to leave the hens here and go home. They never spend the night inside his back door.

Fancy had some cuddling, a lullaby, a bedtime story, and 9 tsp of Gatorade laced with electrolytes and finely ground baked eggs shells. I forgot to add some of the tetracycline

. Closeup of her hiding. She just tucked her head under the towel.

She will get that before exbf leaves and not in the concentration she had yesterday. Today, she seemed very receptive to having the syringe in her mouth. Maybe she is accustomed to it. She only shook her head once. That is a good sign. Maybe she is thirsty. I have not seen her drinking from her water bowl.

She has not been on the ground or loose since Sunday. After her meds I left her house cage out on the table with a towel over most of the cage. She faced the end covered by the towel. The wind is heavier and the sun hotter, so I put her on the porch, up on a rocker. I went out to cover part of her cage because she is so tired. She objected and got up to find a hole to see out. So, I left the end open where she was facing outward, looking at grass and her sister hens.

When we were wrapping her to give her meds, she flapped her wing out. I let her escape so I would not break a wing trying to maneuver her. Exbf tried to catch her at his feet and failed. She was up, trying to run and getting nowhere. I think the handling, her jumping and trying to run, and just the swallowing of the meds exhausted her and caused her pain.

She is not as turgid when I feel he body, but she still looks like a butterball. She is not well, still.  But, she does not seem worse. All this fluid could stop her heart. I can see body her move with every heartbeat and she is panting heavily.
She is now sitting more. Before, she stood until 11 pm, not wanting to sit. I can only surmise she is feeling better and wants to sit or that she can no longer stand to just be on her feet as much. This is so hard to figure out. I am learning. Tomorrow, I am calling Auburn. They have one of the top vet schools and offer PhDs in Poultry Science. I need to write down all I have done and my observations so I can get it complete and straight without having to backtrack and add information later.

She is breathing heavily. I hope the calcium helps her, not with breathing. I am just rambling. I have some calcium tablets that I am going to give her later today.  Getting too little calcium, magnesium, or potassium can lead to fluid retention in humans. I may be in error, but hopefully the electrolytes and some more calcium will help her.

Part of the problem could be lack of proper amount of calcium. Calcium is needed for peristalsis.

This is the second post today. Catch the first one about her.

Your turn
Have you fed the electrolytes to animals? 
So, this is where we are!


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