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Friday, March 30, 2012

Picture This: A Smoking Deal

Anyone seen my RED camera in its PINK case?
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As usual my parsimonious self and my broke self met to get a good deal. Yes, I have had in my purse $2 and change since Tuesday. However, I needed milk and April 1st for my SS check is a long way off in milk days. I remembered I had a milk coupon to print, two in fact. So, I printed off a coupon that had Smart Source on it. "Buy three breakfast items and get one gallon of milk free." I have no idea where I got it. Well, I did print it, but where I found it is still a mystery.

When I saw the coupon, there was no fine print that mentioned a purchase, well, none that I saw. Did you? I had mulled this over in my mind once I found the fine print. The first thing I do when I have an Internet coupon is take it to the manager to "okay." That way, I won't hold up the line while someone comes to take care of all the "suspicious coupons" that I redeem, all printed from the Internet.

I asked him what was deemed breakfast food. After a little banter and determining I had about 10 boxes of cereal, don't need to eat bacon, cannot stand cantaloupe, I suggested banana. He said that was not a breakfast food. I pointed out that I ate most of my bananas sliced into cereal. Plus, I have been known to eat cold pizza or a bowl of field peas and snaps for breakfast. I slipped into the conversation that it really needed to be cheap.

We decided orange, banana, and grapefruit were good enough. And, like he said--it does not specify amounts, "So, get three pieces of fruit for each coupon."  Grapefruits looked like they had led a long, hard life and were $1/each. I skipped those. Oranges were 3/$1, bananas were $0.69/lb. (Paid $.81 for three bananas.) Perrrrfect!

One gallon of milk and three oranges came to $1.39.  Remember, I still had to pay tax on the milk that was $3.59/gal, even though it was free, plus I paid tax on the oranges and bananas. We pay tax on food in this state. The next gallon of milk and three bananas came to $1.18.

That made:
2 gallons of milk
3 bananas
3 oranges = $2.57        ($.68 of the $2.57 total was tax)

When I told exbf on the phone, he was clearly stunned. Charlie was amazed. I am ecstatic. Some of us (me) need to make really good food deals. Okay, all of us need good deals and coupons.

The milk had 4-09-12 for use by date. I am good with that because I drink way too much milk. It won't go stale.

I have plenty of fruit now with the grapes and apples in the crisper, but am waaaay short on fresh vegetables. I have carrots--that's it. Store-bought cans of vegetables are it until next week. All I have are carrot sticks! Grrrr. I hate it. Aha!

Shredded carrots will be chopped shorter for tuna salad. Carrots are great in tuna salad, giving it a crunch and barely changing the taste.

Hurrah for me! Yay Linda! Yes, I am still ecstatic. Just think how good life would be if we all could find deals like that for all our food needs. Of course, some of you have home-canned foods and root cellars from food you have put up, and live in the land of perpetual food in the garden. 

Your Turn
Have you reported any good food deals on your blog? Share them here if you like. Go ahead, put a link here if it pertains to the subject at hand. Have you found good food deals you have not told us about?

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