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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Around My Home Today

The battle of the dandelions commences
One year, I decided that I would just make dandelion jelly and use a plant I could not thwart. Of course, that was the year of fewer dandelions, as it looks like this one will be. When I pick the heads for disposal, I will pick the greens for the hens.

eggs galore

After getting one egg a week for most of the winter, maybe two if I were lucky, this is the most eggs that have been in my egg bowl since I put the girls into their fortified pen outdoors last fall. All their energy went to staying warm after their house-warm experience for over a year. The really tiny one may belong to Pepper.  It is on the top row, left.
angry mama?

She had to be a pregnant raccoon, because of the nesting behavior in my house after being elsewhere all winter. Hopefully, there are no babies up there. I have not heard mewing for mama today, so maybe I caught her in time. The Animal Control Officer commented that I had caught a huge one.
two vehicles and two men for one raccoon?

growling but gone

Louise, Thelma, Pepper--happy, happy hens

I ate leftover, cooked-from-scratch--chicken and dumplings.

I hung clothes outdoors.

Cherry Laurel is blooming

more azaleas blooming

Yoshino Cherry blossoms

Hostas coming up

The tiny Cherry Laurel volunteer will be repotted. I don't know what the plant in the upper right is, but I like it, so it stays.


Redbud tree and overcast sky

mystery holes

These holes appear, more each night. I thought at first they were holes like the squirrels dig early each morning. But, these holes are six- to eight-inches deep, about two inches, cylindrical, and straight down. Raccoons dig holes sort of like this. So, maybe I will have no more holes. The policeman said that it looked like armadillo holes. He was teasing me about things, so I think he was teasing me. Have you ever seen anything like this?

My favorite umbrella, ruined

I got lime on my beautiful umbrella. Since lime is caustic, I really don't want to use this and have caustic water running down on me. It seems to have gotten little holes in it. The rain did not seem to take all the lime off.  My other favorite umbrella, a red one, tore up first. But, this looks like a huge flower in the yard. Maybe I will strip it to the ribs and make it new with a pretty fabric and recover it.
That's all that is happening at my house today, unless you count the robins that have been courting for the last three weeks.
Your turn
Do you have snow or grass that needs mowing like mine does? Are the wild animals under control? Are the tame ones happy? Did you cook from scratch or eat leftovers? Did you have sunshine instead of a perpetually overcast day? Are your hens prolific? Tell me something about how it is at your house today. please.


  1. hey Linda - glad to hear that they came to take the raccoon away! also glad to see that the hens are laying some beautiful eggs! will you share your chicken and dumpling recipe? it looks delish!

    and ugh! lime on such a pretty umbrella - you really can't use it anymore! if you do put a new fabric on - can you tell us how you do it?

    your friend,

  2. My wife and I ate Chicken Risotto last night - made with left over Chicken from the Sunday roast... Monday is often "left overs" night, Risotto or Cold Chicken or Lamb Hot Pot etc.

  3. It rained but it was around 60 degrees so when it cleared I went for a walk. No wild animals. Dalai Llama is happy, Molly is happy. I believe it might be spring?

  4. Turkey noodle soup, to finish off last week's turkey. It looks like spring at your house! The cherry blossoms are very pretty. What do you do with the cherries?

    The holes look kind of big, compared to what we get here, but usually it's snakes, mice or voles digging up our lawn.

  5. It looks like leftovers everywhere!

    Yay chickens that lay! I am working on the recipe post.

    Chicken anything sound delicious. I don't think I have ever had Chicken Risotto. Five nights out of seven are leftover nights here.

    I think it is spring with temps like that. "No wild animals" is music to my ears. It sound like a good day for a walk.

    These blossoms are just for looks, like the ones in Washington, DC. I hate to say it, but I would rather have a snake than a raccoon diggig my lawn. I will have to see if here are more since the raccoon is gone. Snakes dig holes?

    1. thanks Linda - i really would love that recipe!

  6. I know I sound crazy but I love seeing clothes hanging out to dry. If I did that, my neighbors would report me.

  7. Hi Linda, I love all you pretty flowers. Wow a racoon how exciting. All we have is possums. I give them a bit of fruit as we live in the city and there are no roofs for them to live in in our street.

    Mark, that is terrible you can't hang washing to dry. The glorious smell of sunshine on my freshly made bed is to die for!

  8. Mark,
    Yes, I love clothes on the line, blowing in the wind, colorful or white, soaking up a fresh airy smell. Now, when my pollen is everywhere, and I am suffering, clothes are dried or hung in doorways. No, it's not crazy.

    Thanks. I still have dogwood, lilies, tulips, white wisteria, and purple wisteria yet to bloom. I love flowers!

    Raccoons are exciting like bears in the yard! Be glad you don't have to deal with raccoons. The can cost $10K and up for damage they do.

    You have no roofs? That would mean you don't have a top to your house?

    They get in houses, roofs or no roofs and are pests. I would not feed or encourage possums to stay around. They can carry disease and ruin gardens. They are just big rats. They will get into houses, also. Squirrels fall in the same category.

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