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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Free Theatre Seats

No pics until I can figure out a free way to post them!

Would you like to attend live theatre performances for free? My friend saw theatre performances for free for years. He simply volunteered as a seat usher. He directed people to their seat. Simple!
This site describes the process for one theatre. I am sure you can visit your theatre's site to find their rules and program.

Charlie was given a ticket to the Russian Ballet visiting Huntsville. He borrowed a car since he cannot shift his car after shoulder surgery. It turned out that his Ticket Master ticket was printed with the wrong date. (corrected the next day) He found people in the darkened center. It turned out a high school production of High School Musical was holding their final practice before the opening.

He asked if he could watch. He was very excited the next day, declaring that the performance was as good as professional theatre. The next night he went to the Russian ballet.
You might check out all the ways in your town you can get entertainment for free or cheap. While there may be no formal program for volunteers, you can ask.  This might be available at any publicized and paying event. You can check out the stipulations for any volunteer program by calling or contacting the web site of the event or venue. It does not have to be musicals that miht give you a free seat or ticket. Think of where you want to go. Maybe your enthusiasm will be rewarded.

Sasquatch likes musicals and ballet. Who would have thought?

Maybe you can tell us some other places where we might attend free in exchange for a little work.
Your turn
Do you or have you ever volunteered at a theatre? Have you volunteered any place to gain admission, volunteered in lieu of cash?


  1. I volunteer at city events and music festivals. I get to meet new people and get free admission! A few years ago I signed up me ans the kids as a working family and got free camping and admission tickets to a music festival worth almost $500! All we had to do was pick up trash for 2 hours a day.

  2. Free,
    That is amazing. Your children really learned some good lessons about money. And, how they can earn privileges. That will surely carry over into their adult lives. Thanks for sharing that.


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