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Friday, March 9, 2012

Small Economy: Cheese Catch Up

+ $2 for each -5% = $1.90 each, a deal

When I was so ill and went to the ER, I was vaguely aware of this BOGO. However, I missed the one-week window of opportunity. That's okay. Food and bargains were not on my mind.  Parsimonious me was just too weak to care. Bargains? I don't feel like a bargain.

Wednesday night, I was in the store and thought of cheese. As I picked up the unmarked package, the other fell, revealing the sticker. Yay sale! I asked the young man why there was only one marked. He explained it was no longer that price, that someone forgot to remove the sticker.

Since the bargain price was still on the cheese, I knew that it would be honored at the register. Since Wednesday is Senior Day at the grocery, that means a whopping 5% off. So, my chunks of Kraft's cheese were now each $1.90.

I merrily rummaged through the cheese and then had to straighten it all. I had accidentally found the only one. Somewhere, I have a coupon for this very item. Now, all I need to do is find it to make it even cheaper.

The image of my camera strap is free just for your pleasure. Normally, I would just retake the picture, but one package of cheese has been eaten. After Fancy died I decided to drown my sorrow in pimiento and cheese and potato chips. Just my luck--I had no cheese, no chips, and no pimiento! A trip to the grocery was in my plans as it was Wednesday, so this worked out just right.

My name is Linda, and I'm a cheese-a-holic.  The package is in the trash and probably outdoors. The evidence is always destroyed as soon as possible. Right? There is a stash of empty cheese packages hastily stashed in a hollowed out copy of Of Mice and Men.

Don't you just love these accidental bargains? I know you all have had accidental bargains, too.

Your turn
Do you ever find stray bargains that should not have been marked down? Do you have Senior Day at your grocery? Do you take advantage of the discount that day?


  1. Nice find on the cheese! I don't spot stray bargains like that too often, so I was pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago when what was supposed to be a $1 bag of marshmallows rang up at 50 cents. When I pointed it out to the cashier to make sure the price was right, he just shrugged and said the register knows more than he does.

  2. I had a packet of dried shitaki mushrooms but there was no pricetag on it. I know these are always expensive. I took it to the register and the cashier couldn't find the price so she gave me the package for 1.50 ! I rarely find accidental deals so this one made me very happy.

  3. oh my - you really do have a crazy cheese "thing" - bahahahah! i love cheese, too, but i suspect that you are a bigger cheese fiend!

    your friend,

  4. I saw a lost looking chicken running around town today. He was very dirty and looked like he had tyre marks on his back... I thought of you when I saw him.

  5. LindaM,
    I love that type cashier.

    I don't think anyone loves cheese more than I. Sometimes, I just back off and don't buy any when I have been such a

    Oh no! Around here, I would think he escaped from a chicken truck. I wonder where he come from or where he was going.


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