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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meals in a Jar, Painting Bread

If I were going to buy #10 cans of food, I have found the way I would use them. If you don't know what a #10 can is, think commercial cans of food. Only, the food is dehydrated. Chef Tess combines the dehydrated food in a quart jar in order to have a meal ready to add water and cook. Let's have some willing suspension of disbelief and pretend we will always have plenty of water. Go on over there and have a look at her site.  She puts prepares 52 jars of food, all the same recipe.

Maybe my dehydrated food could be put in a jar, ready to make a pot of soup in the winter, like I mentioned last fall. I would not have dehydrated beef....hmmm.  Plus, I could probably put the vegetables in a pint jar and use canned tomatoes in a quart jar. Make that two quarts of canned tomatoes. Then, very little water would be needed for the final product.

If I learned to can beef, I would be set! So, there's a  project for me. I would have a meal in for jars!

She appears to be affiliated with a freeze-dried food company. However, she has excellent ideas. No, I am not getting any remuneration for saying this.

Also, check out her painted bread. If I could bake bread, I might try bread painting. One skill at a time here folks. Painted bread is the kind of thing I see in magazines and think, "Ooooh, how pretty."

Your turn
Have you ever made meals in a jar? Have you used any #10 cans of food? Have you ever heard of painted bread or made any?


  1. Wow, that is an amazing blog! Thanks for sharing it....I am not sure if I will do this but it sure looks like a good answer for my daughter while she is in a dorm and my son in his first apartment too....

  2. I did not think about dorm life. They could probably set up their own assembly line in your and do it themselves. If they did not want a gallon of soup, you all could experiment with pints of mix.


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