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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fancy is Alive

Vitamins and Electrolytes

She is breathing sort, hard, shallow breaths but not panting with mouth open, as bloated as ever. This morning I gave her the same strong meds. Considering I pulled 2.5 tsp into the syringe and she probably retained a tsp, I don't think she is getting too much.

Fancy was not exhausted and panting with mouth open like the only time I fed her meds yesterday. I could not take advantage of the open mouth. I pushed out a drop to hang on the end of the syringe and let it touch the end of her beak. She looked interested. Finally, I pushed a drop and let it touch the middle of the top of her beak. It rolled off each side and into the tiny opening between the top and bottom of her beak. The slit between beak parts was all the pant she was doing at the moment.

By this method I continued drop by drop, pushing meds and watching her swallow. For some reason she would shake her head often and fling medicine water in my face. My hands, sweatshirt and pants received large doses regularly. However, I am satisfied she received some benefit.

I unwrapped my butterball little hen and put her back in her cage which is out on the porch. I think I saw her drink from her cup of meds. Not sure.

Today, I am adding vitamins and electrolytes. The package came from the Seed and Feed that sells chickens, ducks, and bunny babies. Of course, it is made to feed by the hundred gallons! So, more math.

I am fuzzy on what I read, but the lack of calcium can cause peristalsis to cease, causing bloating and the yolk problem which can lead to the peritonitis. Don't quote me on that. But, the gist of the matter is she is calcium deficient. I will grind eggshells to powder in my coffee grinder and give her that in a paste on my finger.

I also bought some Gatorade. How many times have you stood in front of the Gatorade contemplating which flavor a hen would like? Chickens don't like citrus, so Strawberry Lemonade was out. Same for Lime whatever and Lemonade. The grape color turned me off. Orange Mango--citrus. Finally, I settle on Fruit Punch. We will see if she likes it.

While I was in the Seed and Feed, four blocks from my house, right downtown, I asked about strawberry seeds since there were many racks of seeds. Ta Da

For $1.89. I could almost buy a quart of strawberries. Okay, I don't know why this text is moving the picture to the side. I can figure it out, but I am in a hurry. Exbf and Mark are both due any minute to help me with something I cannot handle.

Your turn
Still, no one has had this problem with a hen? She looks a bit better, but that may be wishful thinking. Has anyone ever planted strawberry seeds?


  1. I'm sending 'good thoughts' her way. Even though I'm Agnostics, I have a Prayer Chain App on my iPad for my Family & Friends (who are all Christians) request prayers....anyway, I'm putting Fancy on the prayer never know....

  2. Patty,
    I put all prayer requests on my friends' church lists. Thanks for the "good thoughts."


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